Being more selective with your Time

I told one of my friends the other day that living in a small town was starting to make me feel mean.

It’s a little disappointing to find out the darling of the local Chamber of Commerce is also the Mouth of the South and gossips a tear about everyone and people still love her or that everyone under the sun pretends to know your business, sometimes even better than you know it yourself.  Stories get shared and lies abound and some days you wonder why you got out of bed. Why not just stay inside with the covers over your head and let them create this imaginary and dubious existence you’re allegedly already living anyway?!

People that do this make me want to keep to myself and only come out when it’s absolutely necessary. Seriously! Do I really need any more friends like them? Lately I feel mean and antisocial and anyone that really knows me knows that I’m a social butterfly and lover of all things peoplely. Continue reading

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Book reviews and then some

Since publishing my first book I have experienced the highs and the lows of realizing a lifelong dream and being motivated to do it again. I want to talk about some of the lows I experienced first because they surprised me.

You would think that having a slow start to sales would be devastating to a new author, but that didn’t really concern me. Sales in the beginning were slow, but they have picked up a considerable amount of momentum now and are steadily climbing. I like that kind of progress.

The slow start gave me time to revel in the warmth of just being a published author and that’s exactly what I did. After a year of being ready and procrastinating about pushing the PUBLISH button out of fear, the first few months are sheer euphoria. I loved it!   Continue reading

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I am who I am no matter who you are

Two friends having a laugh

I had not noticed this was a huge part of who I am until I began creating personal boundaries for myself. I am who I am no matter who the other person is pretending to be and that’s not something I will ever change about myself. In other words, what you see and feel is what you get. I am polite if I don’t like you, but you’re probably going to feel that. I don’t believe in being rude for no reason or being outwardly hostile. It serves no purpose. But I am never going to ask you out to lunch if I am not interested in being your friend.

I get accused all the time of jumping in with both feet when it comes to making friends and I am guilty as charged. I enjoy people! I like making new friends. The issue here is I don’t have any agenda on my brain except the one about making a new friend. I never enter into a relationship of any kind simply because the person can do something for me, or can bring me notoriety via association. My stubborn independence prevents that kind of codependency.   Continue reading

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For the ladies that Never Have Anything to Wear, I’m your Gal!

Sometimes at the end of a season I find myself with full closets. They are stuffed so tight I can’t cram another piece of clothing into the sliver of space that might be left. Then everything in the closet becomes a wrinkled mess. That’s when I know it’s time to trim some closet fat.

I do not like to get rid of my clothes. I don’t buy something for the sake of spending money. When I purchase clothes it’s because it is something I truly want to wear more than one time. Even though I am diligent about how I spend my clothing allowance, there is always a piece or two that I did not feel 100% gorgeous in once I got it home and clipped the sale tags off. Those are the ones that go into that pile labelled Donation or Sell on eBay.   Continue reading

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Fire breathing butterflies

When a rebel speaks, I listen.

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Why did you start blogging?

Why did you start blogging?

I get asked this question often and I am always quick to answer because I know exactly why I started blogging. I was weary of the mean people in society being able to abuse the rest of us with their tirades and their lies and never being able to tell my side of the story, or be heard. I was taught it wasn’t polite to lash out or to even defend oneself against the travesties of other vile human beings, so I stayed quiet. In other instances, my hands were tied and I wasn’t allowed to say anything because of professional reasons. I needed an outlet!

Then I had a dream on Sunday.   Continue reading

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Losing my Anonymity

REM lost their religion. William Shakespeare lost doubt. Edgar Allan Poe lost his mind. I’m over here wondering if I’ve lost my anonymity even though I’m not interested in figuring out where it went.

I think it was the day I decided to start a blog that I had to come to terms with my own anonymity. Many of you out there might also refer to this as privacy. I knew I would always be a lightening rod of controversy and wanted to explore provocative subjects, so losing my anonymity was something I had to think about.

It wasn’t long ago that I realized this new affliction had affected me in other ways that had nothing to do with blogging.   Continue reading

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