Insanity – Introduction

It is never my intention to hurt anyone when I write.

When we started this blog we talked about situations just like this one. We researched our rights to perform within them. There are enough rogues on the Internet and we have always taken great pride in being above the fray and operating within our own 1st Amendment rights to free speech. Our content is strictly moderated to reflect this. We reserve the right to change the names and the locations in the story so the writer and the subjects can maintain their privacy. We are also very aware of preserving the rights of our own writers that post here, as well as a reader that makes a comment. While we will moderate racist comments and content we feel is unnecessarily hateful, we will publish posts and comments, even if the person doesn’t agree with us.

My recent writing has been strongly received by many. There are readers from all over the world with a few that have identified with the story being told. One woman feels strongly that this is about her ex-boyfriend, while another thinks this is about his mother. The writing itself has had the uncanny ability to reach out to many people that have experienced similar situations in their lives.

There are a few folks out there that see themselves in just about everything we publish. It is our hope that the mirror will reflect back to them the possibilities, rather than the impossibilities, of living a better life.

As it is the custom with all of our writing here, in the conclusion we will include helpful advice with links for assistance for folks that feel they would like to explore this subject further or find a professional opinion. We do not give out medical diagnosis, or treatments. We are writers, not doctors. We can only point you in a good direction to begin your own personal search for relief.

The foundation the blog was built on and has been managed with is that everyone has a story to tell. This is a safe place to tell your story and to tell your side of what happened to you. We are not interested in being a part of the problem. We strive to be a part of the solution and to give you a voice and perhaps a direction towards better mental health.

This happened to me.

This is your introduction to Insanity.

“The biggest defense to any defamation action is truth–if a person states something that is true, there is no defamation.”

~from a respected member of the bar association


Me: Your brain is such an amazing resource of endless entertainment..I wish you could figure out a way to harness that energy. It could launch you into another stratosphere. You’d make millions.

Him: hehehehe! 🙂

Me: if I wrote down everything you ever told me..I’d have a best seller. There must be a whole series of mysterious, thriller books in your memory banks. those are all the traits that make up the books on the best seller list for fiction, except I could use your real life memories to flesh them out and make them believable.
The only problem is that I’m not sure of your attention span, or lack of it. If I were right in front of you writing then maybe it could work, but I’m not.

Him: I wish I could too Maddie…Oh, I can do things if I want tooo….

Me: would you want to do this?

Him: Maybe….:)

Me: why are you being coy?

Him: I wouldnt rule it out!
I would love to write a book, or contribute to a book…Yes, Maddie..If you would want to lay it out Im down with it..Im not a book writer…I dont know how to lay it out to build.

Me: hm

Him: Does that make sense? or am I foundering?

Me: Admitting you’re not disciplined to write or outline a project like a book is not foundering. If I thought you were simply caving in to my request or copping out on responsibility I’d never suggest it.
this might be weird for me but your stories so much bigger than a blog post.

Him: Cool
No, I would love to do that Maddie…
I have to get my notes together to write my reports..Its just not creative writing…Im not well versed in it. thats all im saying…
You are a great writer!

Me: okay…I’m out! Think about what this could mean in your daily routine and how much time you can donate to it. Think about the stories you already have and how you’d want someone to tell them to you. How much material do you realistically “think” you have. That might be difficult for you to ascertain but do your best.

Him: Bíonn gach tosach lag.
Every beginning is weak.
But Im willin!


What I never realized was that all of his stories were already fiction and that he never had any intention of contributing anything. All he was ever good at was telling the lies, he wasn’t good at keeping them straight or remembering which lie he had told to whom.

What he never realized was that I didn’t need him in order to tell my story.

Start reading Insanity by clicking HERE.


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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11 Responses to Insanity – Introduction

  1. i wonder whether it is about the desire of humans to be the center of attention that makes them think it is about them – kind of like horoscopes (though I accept – very different).

    Would love to read more of your book – but not sitting at a computer 🙂


    • Regyna Longlank says:

      Yes! This book needs to be a book like nobody’s business. A concrete, hold it in your hands book. With pages and everything. Make it so!


    • In this case it was more about being mentally deficient, though I wasn’t aware just how deviant he was until I started investigating everything he ever told me. I have never witnessed such an elaborate telling of lies and all executed with absolutely no remorse at all. He felt entitled to tell lies and to make everything about him.


  2. diannegray says:

    Thank you for the pingback, Maddie 😉
    I’d love to read this story!


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    • This post is so awesome! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading through this and seeing the awards that you definitely deserve. What a fantastic way to share them with all of us too…all in one post. I love it!


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