Some Women Don’t Care If He’s Married

by Madeline Laughs

It’s early afternoon when the phone rings. You hurry to answer before the answering machine picks up.


A woman’s voice on the other end asks “May I speak to John?

John’s not home from work yet. May I take a message?” Grabbing for a pen and a scrap of paper you prepare to jot down a number or a message from the woman calling.

But she answers “Nah, I’ll just try to call him again later.” and she hangs up before you can respond.

Some women’s antennae will immediately spring to red alert. Mine just made me chuckle to myself. Over dinner that night I teased John that his girlfriend had called again. He scoffed and we both laughed.

We knew who she was and we knew her game.

That’s right ladies, some women don’t care if he’s married.

Some women are ballsy enough to call your home and ask for him. This breed of woman is generally pretty stupid and clueless too, but that’s another blog. They will make those calls and aggressively pursue that target. With the stupid and the clueless the ball, so to speak, is always in the man’s court.

This is a woman with absolutely no self respect and no morals.  She will always get exactly what she deserves and it’s always sloppy seconds.Be wary of the single, desperate woman that tries to ingratiate herself into your married life too. She’ll want to be your  newbestfriend, but her eye will be plastered to what she’s really after…your husband. She’ll come up with all kinds of outlandish adventures that include him, and maybe her child, but those dates will not include you. When that starts to happen, you need to sweep her and her desperation out the door. Don’t even bother trying to fix her up with your single friends. Why would you do that to a friend?

Trust me, you don’t need those kinds of girlfriends.

The pathology of this kind of person is pretty well mapped out. They don’t necessarily pursue the path of least resistance, but rather the path of least suspicion. If she becomes close enough to the wife to be considered a friend, well, then she’s the last person you’d suspect of going after your husband, right?

This kind of woman doesn’t like herself.

Women that pursue married men like the idea of the marriage, but they have absolutely no idea themselves how to make a marriage work. If they did, they’d pursue someone that is emotionally available instead of someone who isn’t.

Here’s my advice to any woman out there that thinks it’s okay to pursue a married man…don’t. If a married man pursues you, know up front what he’s really after and it’s not a long term relationship.

They aren’t available to you mentally or emotionally. Physically they may like to get their dick wet with you, but that’s all primal and means nothing to most men. I’m not kidding.

Their wives, their married lives, and their families, are usually compartmentalized and they are closed to the other woman. You’ll never even get your foot in that door. You’re a piece of ass. A distraction. Something to get his rocks off with.

But you’ll never be someone he takes home to meet his mama.

Seriously, have some self respect and move on. And leave the wife alone. It’s not her fault you make bad decisions. Take a look in the mirror. See that woman in there? That’s the person you should  try being friends with.

If you have a husband or wife that cheats, dump them or seek counselling. Some marriages are worth saving, and some aren’t. I won’t sit here and pretend I know which is which because only you know what you’ll put up with for the sake of your marriage. Take a look in the mirror. See that person in there? That’s the person that knows you are worth it and wants what is best for you.

This is Madeline Laughs and I’m here to let you know that commitments and vows still mean something in a world gone haywire with instant gratifications.

If you read something here that struck a nerve, make a comment. I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to read more and just strike every nerve you own, consider pressing the Follow button on my home page and get notified every single time I bang on my keyboard. Thanks for stopping by today!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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14 Responses to Some Women Don’t Care If He’s Married

  1. Loved the article, i reposted it on my blog …


  2. left you link there also …


  3. Michael says:

    Really nice.You post provides my post ( with yet another reason for delayed marriages.


  4. Caitlin says:

    thanks for linking up as a related article! 🙂


  5. Panty Parade says:

    I never pursue married men, but they often pursue me. Most of the time they complain about their lives–dead bedroom, no oral sex, drifting away from their wives–but some of them are very happily married.

    They simply have an itch for something new.

    I don’t like to sleep with married men because they are selfish when it comes to the “other woman.” They don’t treat their side dish the way I want to be treated. So, for the most part, I stay away.

    Clearly, Madeline and I do not start from the same place (she prefers to blame the “other” woman for a man’s indiscretions, I prefer to blame the wife/husband/society), but we do come to the same conclusion: cheating doesn’t benefit anyone.

    Thank you for linking to my blog Off Go the Panties. I write about this topic a lot from a very different perspective. I doubt any of your readers will agree with me, but having them peruse what I say may lead to a healthy debate on a very sensitive, difficult issue.

    Current statistics have over 60% of all married men being unfaithful to their wives. Women like me are not the problem, Madeline. Bless your heart. It’s much more complicated than that.


    • Thank you for stopping by and chiming in Panty Parade. I’m not sure if you meant to sound condescending, or not, but I’m from the Deep South and saying “Bless your heart” to someone is akin to saying “I know you can’t help being stupid and so I forgive you for your ignorance”. LOL!

      I definitely agree, cheating does not benefit anyone. It is one of the most detrimental actions one can do to a mate. It dissolves trust and comfort and once it happens, it never goes away no matter how virtuous one wants to be.

      I am intrigued by a few things. One is where you get your percentage from. Was there a study done that concludes 60% of all married men cheat? If there is, I’d love to see the White Papers on this. Can you link them here for my readers? Or send me in the right direction?
      I’m am also intrigued by your description of yourself. You say “women like me” and I would be interested in knowing what that means. What kind of woman are you?


      • Panty Parade says:

        Yes, I know what I was saying.

        You are the one who linked to me, so I assumed you knew my website.

        I got my numbers from a study published in January, 2014 in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.


      • Well, if you’re aware that you were rude, condescending and ungrateful…then I guess you’re just a special kind of something then, aren’t you?

        I write posts about more than just cheating spouses. Perhaps you’d like to chime in on some of those too? Many of them are about malignant narcissism, a subject you might be a real expert in.

        I link to people out of respect for their opinions. I don’t link to them to get insulted. You were offered a real opportunity here to convince people otherwise, or to prove your point and all you ended up proving is that you’re an asshole.

        Good luck with your blog 🙂


      • Panty Parade says:

        Thank you, Madeline. Same to you.


  6. Brava!!! You hit every point with gusto! I too was dismayed by the “bless your heart” comment. I’m not sure if it was meant in a condescending manner, or not, but “Bless your heart” in the South definitely is condescending.

    I used to have a friend that wouldn’t date any man, unless he was married. She also liked them older and wealthy too. She had a real problem with being publicly involved and preferred to sneak around instead. Once the relationship got too heavy for her, she could waltz away on a whim with absolutely no repercussions because what can a married man do to her? He can’t publicly pursue her, now can he? They showered her with gifts and expensive trips and she in turn made herself available to them at all hours until she got bored with them and moved on to the next one. What was truly sad was that there was always another one lined up and waiting in the wings.

    She is happily married now and surprisingly enough it’s to a man that she never had an extramarital affair with. She said she would never marry a man that had cheated on his wife with her.

    Amazing, huh?


  7. Paula says:

    Ouch! Cheating is never okay and being the mistress of the cheater is no better than being the cheater yourself. I’m certainly no saint and have made mistakes but am aware, now more than ever, how my carelessness not only hurts me but hurts many others. Sex is a very easy sensation to fulfill. Easy!! Nothing challenging about getting screwed. It’s as simple as dropping your panties, huh? The challenge is in finding deeper meaning in ourselves and our world by NOT seeking instant gratification. More power to those who are pleasure seekers, but I choose not to invite them into my life or blog moving forward. 🙂


    • Definitely! I really don’t understand the Panty Lady. I gave her the perfect platform to plead her case and allow others a window into her perspective and she chose to turn it into a personal attack by insulting me. I just don’t get it, but I imagine that if you don’t respect yourself, it’s impossible to respect others.


  8. Richard says:

    All humans are garbage they whore around on each other every day sad part is it used to be more of a male thing now I see more women doing it and then taking the man’s children from him and then trying to take him for everything he has why because she’s a fucking piece of shit one out of every million you will run into a person that’s honest truthful faithful and can keep there legs closed. Good luck guys finding her because I have never met one yet as a matter of fact the only woman you can trust is your mother and some of those aren’t very trustworthy either


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