Facebook’s Big Brother in government?


I have given this some logical thought.

As someone that constantly works on government projects, I’d have to say there’s little truth to much of the Big Brother scare involving Facebook. Here’s why I think this…

The equipment I’m given to perform these astronomical studies is not state of the art, high tech stuff. It’s more of the state of the archaic nature. My friends that work in government are faced with the same lack of technological advances that most of us take for granted. For instance, when was the last time any of you worked daily in DOS? For me that would be just yesterday. And I’m not talking to computer programmers, just your average “I need a computer to do my job” folks. The laptop I have for work was popular about 8 years ago. Remember Toughbooks? I’m also still using CCMail, the old version, to send out and receive work emails. When I saw it, I was shocked. I didn’t think anyone was using that mail program anymore. There are also extreme regimented protocols used when submitting expenses. They track every penny. They set very low levels for us to work within in order to book hotel accommodations and eat. Receipts have to be electronic and have to have the itemized purchases. I guess if Big Brother is reading my expense report he probably thinks my diet is whacked and I like cheap hotels.



With all of this in mind, I would have to guess that a team of doodlebugs hired by our government to sit around all day and catalog what people are writing and posting on Facebook is pretty much a fantasy. I don’t think I would be far off base to say that most government offices don’t even have access to the Internet and if they do they have a gazillion firewalls and blocks up for sites just like Facebook in order to keep the lazy ones from sitting on their duffs reading and playing on Facebook all day.

I would be more concerned with the people that have this kind of fire power invading my privacy like the computer software conglomerates. They have more money in their coffers than DC has at this moment. Does DC have any money left in their coffers?

To be on the safe side of things, if you don’t want outsiders peeping into your life and passing judgment, or worse, calling the cops on you, then don’t post stuff you might be ashamed of or get into trouble for.

I think Facebook is an only child. Children can sometimes be selfish or sometimes like to share their toys. It just so happens that this child demands attention and wants to share whatever you give him/her with everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with that except you have to be careful what you feed the child or it can go horribly wrong as it matures.

Til next time, this is Madeline Laughs and try using Facebook to be social instead of using it to be sneaky.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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