Why Do You Vote Republican?

Have you ever asked someone why they vote Republican? Most people can’t even give you a reason other than “That’s the way my parents vote, so that’s good enough for me.” Then you have the Republicans that have done a little homework and can give you some of the highlights of their beliefs, which come up during every election. These are the standard fare:

1. The right to bear arms.
2. Anti-abortion.
3. Eliminating unnecessary social and liberal arts programs from the tax bill.
4. Capital punishment. An eye for an eye.

Okay, I can see some of those points as being valid in some respect, but they all have severe, life altering consequences.

Take, for instance eliminating, social and liberal arts programs. Many of these programs that your tax dollars pay for give portions of our society a chance to actually have a life outside of extreme poverty. There is nothing more patriotic than the chance to change the course of a life that would otherwise end in violence. Better yet, one of those unenlightened individuals could end an upstanding Republican’s life in violence.

Let’s just explore all of the above dogma a little further… I’m going to make this painfully simple.You are a young woman living in squalor. Your mother cleans houses and makes less than minimum wage because the living wage has long ago stopped being regulated or increased by the government. There is never enough to eat on your table because the food stamp program and all other programs like it, has been shut down, and the house is always freezing cold in the winter because energy assistance is no longer provided.

Public education has been privatized now, so only the wealthy can attend school.

What’s left for you?

You start selling the only asset you have, your own body.

There are no clinics to educate you on safe sex, no free condoms or birth control either. You suffer beatings and infections that go untreated, because health care is no longer an option to the poor. You can’t just show up in an emergency room and expect to treated or get free medicine anymore.

Then you get pregnant. The only abortion available to you is one that happens in the dirty backroom by someone that doesn’t have a degree in medicine. You know you could die from this procedure. You’ve watched your friends die. There are no abortion clinics. Abortion is illegal. You decide to have the baby, even though you don’t want the kid.

Now a baby comes into the world.

Another baby born to a parent that doesn’t want him.

There are no social programs to place the baby in a loving home. There’s no one to help you with his care or to show you how to be a parent.

This child grows up knowing he’s a burden.

He hates his life.

Life is tough for the kid. There are things he wants and can’t have. He’s hungry all the time. There is no school, no social programs and no one that cares to help him make a better life for himself. There are no programs to help him find work or to teach him a trade.

There is nothing to add value to his bleak world.

He watches his friends learn how to *beat the system* so he decides he can beat it too. Guns on the streets are readily available. Anyone can carry a gun in the USA. If you can’t afford to buy one, you can always just steal one. He gets his own gun, but he can’t afford bullets.

No problem, he’ll just use it to scare the store owner and he sets out to make a new life for himself.

Holding up a convenience store is easy. You stick your gun in the owner’s face and you demand he hand over all of his cash. This owner, however, is also a part of the new world and he too has a gun. And he can afford bullets. The battle ensues and the store owner becomes a casualty when a bullet from his own gun ricochets, killing him dead. The boy panics. He never meant to hurt anyone. He just wanted money for food, shoes and maybe a coat. The shots heard around the neighborhood prompt numerous calls to the police. Before he can escape the police run him down. They beat him into submission, cuff him and take him to jail.

There are no advocates to speak on his behalf. There are no public defenders to plead his case. Nothing is free in the judicial system anymore. He is tried and convicted to death row. There will be no appeals made on his behalf. Amnesty International will not be intervening. NAACP has long ago been dissolved and run out of existence. The dead man walking comes quicker now than it used to.

The legal system has been streamlined.

No more freebies.

A week later he is strapped to a table. IVs are inserted into his veins. The curtain is opened and members of the store owner’s family are seated in the viewing area. The switch is thrown and lethal chemicals slug their way down the tubing and into his veins.

His bowels release.

His heart stops.

He dies.

To review:

A child is born into impossible and defeating circumstances.

And in the end, the government that decided he had the right to life, decides to kill him anyway.

If we continue to take away a human’s basic needs to survive and prosper in this country, this nightmare will become a waking event.

I think I covered all of the highlights.

Why would you continue to vote based on this criteria when there are so many other ways to make this country a better place for all living souls to thrive?


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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3 Responses to Why Do You Vote Republican?

  1. Brendan says:

    for my money, the questions is pretty much answered here:


  2. It has always boggled mine.


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