My Italian Therapy by Gina Fiore

My friend Connie sent this to me this morning. It seems Gina Fiore has finally found a publisher for her new book. I’d like to post an excerpt here with her photos in Rome. I did.



(This was inspired by a day at Lido Roma in Ostia (Rome’s beach) while I was digging just below the surface of the stones, which then revealed the most beautiful crystal marbles of sea glass) “And oftentimes to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths; win us with honest trifles, to betrays in deepest consequence.”

William Shakespeare

There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.

Charles Dickens

“Through all the noise and all the distractions one must find a fast lane on the autostrada of life to get to where peace and quiet resides inside.”
gina fiore

Who are we really? Humans walking this planet in earthly bodies passing each other on the street, in each others lives. Are we acquaintances, friends, soul mates? What does it all mean? Do we truly reveal who we are to those that surround us? Everyone has a story, all of us have dreams. Revealing any of this creates a certain vulnerability and brings up issues of trust. This goes back to the days of Adam and Eve. There is God, (the Universe), Eve (representing mankind) , the snake (devil or evil), and the Apple, (which to me represents everything, any temptation.) There have been so many variations of this scenario depicted that I leave it to my own interpretation. Apples they are all around. Apples what do they represent to you? Temptations, a libation, the hidden fruit, an addiction, something you cannot have, something you seek, something just out of reach? Out of reach, but do we reach for it? Should it be attainable? Is it a goal, something you struggle for? Struggling, reaching, attaining. Where do our priorities lie? What is it that we are all looking for? Striving for? Reaching for? I believe anything is within our grasp, but our choices dictate the result. What are we reaching and striving for? Where do our boundaries lie? Where is our own comfort zone?

Where do you see yourself? What kind of life do you wish to have? A life of constant wanting? A life unsatisfied because of outside distractions? Do you really want what is on the other side, or are you really just not happy with what is inside? That is the question I pose to you today. Are you truly happy? A truly happy person is satisfied with what is on the inside. The other side of that coin is we are human, long for adventure and have the world at our feet. All is laid out before us, we only need to choose to attain just about any goal set forth. It is all in our grasp, within reach. Like a smorgasbord of life, but does that mean we become gluttons. No, we are intelligent human beings and have self control. Self control gives us the ability to choose. Self control and human intelligence gives us the ability to say “NO” I do not wish for that. Where do our boundaries lie? Where is our own comfort zone? We are all individuals and have our own set of priorities.

Make a list of the things that bring you joy. Make a list of what you would like to achieve in your life. Make a list of the type of person you wish to be. I do not believe on that list will be addictions, temptations nor anything dark or in excess. Of course not, we all strive to be better people and those temptations and addictions are what teach us lessons, they are what make us who we are, they are the things that make us strong. Do not seek them, do not be tempted by them, you have been there you know what they bring. Reach beyond your weaknesses to your strengths today. To achieve greatness and enlightenment one must reach for the heavens, they are in your grasp. Reach for the light, reach for the stars. Do not long for what reaches up to grab you from the depths. There is too much life to be lived here in the light.

One needs only to look at the faces of the children. Their innocence, their light. Really look, look at them play, look at them live, look at their energy. The energy of a child knows no bounds. The happiness in the faces of children tell the story. Our story, we were children once. Before guilt, before pain, before anger, before mistrust, before we began to reach beyond our borders. The simplistic nature of temptation as a child can become what nightmares are made of for adults. Real yourself in. Bring your mind to focus. Focus in on the tiniest speck. Meditate and wrap your mind down to one mantra today. Focus on one thing whether it be a plant, a tree, a grain of sand, whatever it may be, go back, go back to simple things today. Take a page from the children in our lives. Hone your energy, bring it back to you where it belongs. Clear out all the clutter in your mind, do housecleaning today in your own head to make room for all good things to come, for if there is no room at the Inn you never know what or who you might be turning away. For good things are waiting for you…..”



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  2. Gina Fiore says:

    Thank you for posting an excerpt from my new book; MY ITALIAN THERAPY. It will be available for release around Dec. 1, 2012 on kindle and to dowload. Please like our page on facebook and pass this link along to anyone who has ever dealt with or is dealing with Cancer, an Addiction, Stress, Fear any illness, depression. My book deals with all of these issues. After my breast cancer diagnosis in 1997 I persevered through challenges, while doing alternative therapies and still am, one day at a time.!/pages/My-Italian


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