So…you think I’m crazy?

My first New Years resolution will read something like this; I will endeavor to never again be flippant about describing another human being as being *crazy*. Why is this my number one resolution this year? It’s my number one resolution because I have come to realize that there are some people that are quick to describe me using this word… and it’s just not true.

I don’t think I would mind being labeled crazy if it was meant in a fun-loving way, but most folks that call you crazy don’t have love in their hearts for you at all. They just think you’re crazy.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines crazy as brain-sick: affected with madness or insanity; foolish; totally unsound; possessed by inordinate excitement; bizarre or fantastic; someone deranged and possibly dangerous.

When I read the definition and I think about the caliber of the people that have used this terminology to describe my personality, my essence, my soul, it just makes me wonder…who really is the crazy person here? Is it the guy pushing sixty that’s never had a sustainable loving relationship? Is it the younger woman who is actually taking prescription anti-depressants? Is it a friend that can’t understand that I have an opinion that doesn’t agree with what they think? Or is it just someone that I offended from doing what comes naturally to me…being myself? I’ve come to realize that when people call you crazy it has little to do with you at all. This is a person that doesn’t know who you are, or doesn’t agree with you. I also think envy has a role to play here. If you’re having a good time and you like who you are and what you’re doing it seems small-minded folks get their feathers ruffled a bit. The main ingredient is most likely ignorance and the inability to accept life for what it is. When folks don’t understand something rather than seek out another opinion or educate themselves they discount the experience or the person instead. I guess they never realize how much they’re missing out on when they do that. And you know what? I think that’s just *crazy* 🙂

Not long ago someone cornered my husband. “You know, your wife is crazy man.” And my husband replied “So?” And the guy persisted “I just don’t know how you live like that! I couldn’t do it!” And my husband just smiled and told him “Well, I’m crazy too.”

Thank God for my husband.

No, I won’t be calling anyone crazy this year, but I will continue to be exactly who I have always been. And if a few folks want to believe that I’m brain-sick, mad, insane and possibly dangerous…well, everyone is entitled to their opinion and perhaps these are people that will stay far away from me.

Seriously, when I think of the astronomical amount of projects I completed this year and the weeks I spent flying all over the country to study children it makes me wonder where I’ve had time to squeeze in any *crazy* at all. All I can do is shake my head and smile that someone has taken the time to form an opinion of me…at least they’re thinking of me. I hope I stay on their minds…perhaps I’ll drive them crazy too 🙂

Note: This is one of my most favorite comments I received on this original post:

“Well if you are crazy then it’s my kind of truth telling, bullshit detector having, need to be cool proof kinda crazy I admire. They say in a crazy world only the crazy are sane. I don’t know about that, but I do know if it looks like it, smells like it and feels like it then it ain’t crazy to call it what it is even if everyone around you is eating it like it’s a good thing. That’s just common sense! A sadly uncommon feature in most.”

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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