Remember doing “25 Random Things” on Facebook?

Okay, here are my 25 Random Things.

1. My generation of women never had children. Out of all of my childhood friends, not one of us has offspring.

2. I don’t think Facebook is evil. I think there are some evil people on Facebook though. I avoid them 🙂

3. I had a nanny named Beulah.

4. When I was first dating my husband and found out he worked in the kite industry as his livelihood my first thought was “Well, this is not the guy for me.” I was wrong. You can read the whole story here:

Kitelife Magazine article

5. I have two college degrees. A BA in Fine Arts and a technical degree in Mechanical Drafting and Design Technology. I studied physics, statics and strength of materials for my technical degree. I designed and built a universal joint for a windsurfing board as my final exam. I mailed the prototype to my windsurfing friend in Hawaii. My degree in Fine Arts has carried me to some great places and helped me appreciate the love and imagination that goes into other people’s art.

6. I worked in the film industry for four years as an Art Department Coordinator. I was one of the pioneers of that particular position. My favorite director to work with was Jon Amiel. My four favorite Production Designers to work with were Catherine Hardwicke, Amadeus Capra, John Myhre and Michael Seymour. All of them have gone on to have stellar, Academy-award-winning careers. Can’t think of 5 people who deserve it more than these people. True craftsmen.

7. For many years I held the honorable position as Master Scenic for the local theater company in my hometown. Most of my assistants were folks doing community service for DUIs. My studio was an old drugstore.

8. I lived in the building where they filmed the David Lynch movie, Blue Velvet.

9. I have visited and/or lived on 5 of the 7 continents.

10. I have petted a kangaroo and had another kangaroo for dinner all in the same day.

11. Two of the biggest cats I ever held were a tiger cub that I fed a bottle of milk to and a baby leopard. Not on the same day and I didn’t have either of them for dinner.

12. When I’m mad or upset, I clean. I clean everything, the oven, the baseboards, the closets, etc. I saw a refrigerator magnet once that stated A Clean House is the Sign of a Wasted Life. At first I was offended, then I thought about my deep cleaning motivation and realized that the magnet has a very valid point.

13. There’s catching up on news and then there’s mean-spirited gossip. This year I learned that people who listen to and share mean-spirited gossip generally live very unhappy lives. This put it all into perspective for me.

14. Once I let a guy from college that I was dating  draw all over my body with markers. He covered me from head to toe with beautifully inked tattoos. Even though he saw me completely naked and spent tantalizing intimate time touching me, I never had sex with him.

15. It’s nice to find out someone has your back. It’s really great to find out someone had your back and they didn’t even know it when it happened. It’s incredible when someone had your back and didn’t know it and when you found out they had your back, you never told them you knew they had your back. You were just happy to know that, even without saying something, this person had your back…regardless.

16. Too many of my Random Things start with “I”. A friend told me once that he hated reading my letters because every sentence started with the letter I. He called me a self-centered bitch. “Look at this! Every where there’s I, I, I, I!!!!” Me never understood his tirade. Me was only trying to tell him MY news, dammit. Since then, me’s been paranoid about the letter I.

17. No one can make me laugh like my friend Krissy can.

18. My grandfather was a beekeeper and wore a kilt.

19. I graduated from high school when I was fifteen years old.

20. I think the main reason I stayed a virgin for so long was the fact that my best friend kept screwing all of the guys I dated, behind my back. I dated Curtis and she slept with him. I dated David and she slept with him. I dated Thomas and she slept with him too. I dated Michael and she caught Herpes from him. That was the only time I was glad she did one of my boyfriends.

21. I only attended a public high school for 6 weeks and that was as a spectator student. I had to stay in the school system until I was 16 years old to avoid breaking the truancy law. I asked to attend a public school because I wanted to see what I was missing by attending private schools all my life. The one thing I remember most was crossing the street to hang out by the smoking fence with the cool kids.

22. When I walk on the beach in search of shells I am always secretly hoping to find a perfect sand dollar, the size of a dime. They’re out there, ya know.

23. Growing up one of my friends was named Sandy Beach. Her sister’s name was Shelly. True story. They had hippie parents and they both hated their names.

24. I always thought people would be much prettier if they didn’t have noses. My childhood drawings were all of people without noses.

25. One day I realized that my husband and I had no life insurance policies for each other. When I worriedly asked him about this he told me something I will never forget. He said that if something ever happened to one of us he expects the other to be strong enough to carry on with life and to do what needs to be done. I never realized just how true that is. I won’t get my money back if something happened to him because there’s not an amount of cash I’d ever be satisfied with. To me he’s priceless.

In life, there are no insurance policies. Much of our day to day is a leap of faith into the unknown and the unexplored. The individuals you have the privilege of making contact with during your journey don’t come with guarantees or warranties. They just are what they are.

I think this is how I’ll close my 25 Random Things, with the belief that we are all strong enough to carry on with life and to do what needs to be done.

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year brings you happiness, wishes-come-true but most of all, I hope it brings you peace.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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