my wonderful husband and I posing as the Dutch boy and girl kissing while on vacation in Holland

This Note is all about L O V E in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Love means many different things to people. Here’s what Love means and what it doesn’t mean to me.

Love means being flexible and unconditional. In order to love someone you have to be able to accept all of their flaws along with the great kisses. No one is perfect. Everyone comes with a little baggage.  Love means taking the time to listen and then going that extra mile to understand what you just heard. Love takes communication. If you’re not open and receiving with someone who is also open and receiving then you don’t have Love.

Love means understanding the reason behind why someone has hurt you. In a relationship no one sets out to purposefully hurt their partner. If they do, then they do not have Love. People will break your heart because something inside of them is broken. Love can mend that. Love is not a BeeGees song.

Love is coming home to a house that’s a mess. You look around and stuff is every where, laundry you did before you left town isn’t put away and the fridge is empty and instead of being angry you rejoice that you can come home to a house that has been lived in while you were away. It gives you joy to tuck away the folded shirts, to fill the refrigerator with homemade food that you know will be eaten and to just “be” in a nest that you share with someone you Love.

Love is being an individual and knowing that it’s okay for your mate to be an individual too. Just because you’re together doesn’t mean you’re joined at the hip.

Love gives you the freedom to sit around in your sweats with your hair carelessly shoved into a hair band and still know that someone thinks that’s sexy.

Love is taking care of each other when you’re sick.

Love is a kiss in the morning and a hug in the evening everyday for 17 years, and when you’re lucky enough, for a lifetime.

Love is sharing your darkest thoughts, your fears and your insecurities and knowing that you aren’t being judged.

Love is the happiness of sitting in a room together and being without saying a word to each other.

Love is keeping yourself on the list of daily life and still finding time to make someone else feel special too.

Love is laughter, silliness, playful, and love is caring, but carefree.

Love is not playing games. And while I’m on this subject I’ll say a few words about Love’s nemesis; jealousy. If you’re with someone and this insecurity raises it’s ugly green head, ADDRESS IT! In all of it’s gory, bloody guts…let it out. Don’t hold it in. Don’t ignore it. Don’t expect anyone to be a mind reader. Find the trigger together and then demolish it!

Love is not running away when times get tough.

Love is not selfish, or self-centered.

Love is not about things or possessions or money.

But most of all, Love is not about being alone.

You can read what I just described as Love and you can apply almost all of those to any kind of love. Whether it’s the love of a good friend, a lover or a spouse, there’s a definition that applies. But the one definition that encompasses that word, that feeling, that state of bliss, is an open heart ready to receive the love that’s out there.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I send you Love.

No matter where you are in the world today, you are not alone. Somebody somewhere loves you. Just open your heart and let it come in.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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