Is that Your Hand Out?

Getting out of jail after serving time for stealing from his neighbor, a man walks into a bar in the middle of the day in small town USA. He lays his money on the bar and asks for a beer. He takes his first sip and then he asks “Why does God punish me?” 

A woman and her sister never see each other very much anymore. One sister is sad and misses her sister so she asks her why they can’t make the effort to visit more often. The sister tells her “Well, we could still see each other all the time, if you hadn’t made me move out of your house.” The other sister shakes her head and replies “But you never helped with the bills and I couldn’t afford to have you here. I still love you though.”

A mother of four illegitimate children from unknown fathers laments that she doesn’t get enough money in her welfare check to do the things she wants to do. So she decides to have another child so they will increase her check.

A woman needs a job after finding out the job market in her new town isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So she bugs her friend to hire her. The friend gives her a job she’s under qualified to fill, pays her four times more than she’s ever made, gives her health benefits and tells her she’ll grow into the position with hard work and diligence. She repays his generosity by blogging online about how much she hates him for making her work so hard.

You hire a man to fix your roof. When you bring out your checkbook to pay him he asks if you can pay him in cash instead. This isn’t a problem as long as he provides you with a detailed receipt. He doesn’t want to do this either because it will leave a paper trail. If he’s caught working they will cut off the  disability check he receives from being unable to work. “Doesn’t your disability check pay your bills so you won’t have to work?” you ask. And he replies “Yes, but it doesn’t pay for my beer and cigarettes.”

A week later, your roof caves in.

Two teenagers decide they want to make a baby, so they do. When the adults asked them how they were going to pay for the child they smiled and said “We can live here with you until we finish school and can get jobs. And we can apply for government assistance and food stamps to help pay our way.”

A man leaves his wife after enduring many years of physical and emotional abuse from her. He planned his departure carefully by secretly quitting his job and allowing the home they shared go into foreclosure and auction before departing. He leaves and the wife is caught unaware when the bank sends a certified letter saying she has three days to vacate the premises. Then she gets served divorce papers. The wife has never worked a single day in her life. What will she do?

Two years later finds her living in a small one bedroom apartment with her rent being paid by the church she suddenly joined after her divorce. Finding God has it’s hidden benefits. She still hasn’t worked or even looked for a job, and yet food is still on her table due to the tearful phone calls doling out endless emotional blackmail to various relatives.

A woman’s business is failing more and more everyday. She ignores the advice of savvy friends to try other means of support. She ignores pleas from family to sell the business before it gets really bad. The rent on her shop is in arrears. The mortgage on her house is 5 months overdue. Then she loses everything. Faced with finding a job she crosses out every job listed, and there aren’t many, that seems beneath her. Then a DUI lands her in jail adding extra stress and extra dollars to the bottom line she owes. And she still feels she can’t work *just anywhere*.

A young man with a wife and two small children struggles to make ends meet. He has family close by that are well off, but he never visits them or invites them to share in his life. In fact, he makes it no secret that he resents them. When those bills come due though, he shows up to ask for money. Then he disappears until the next money pinch occurs.

I could do this all day, but I think you get the message.

When did the human race become so damn lazy? Where did this feeling of entitlement come from? Aren’t we made of better stuff than this? Have we forgotten where we came from and the people from our past that busted their asses so we could live in a better world?

Is that your hand out….again?


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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