Felted Flowers

What you’ll need

Making felted flowers is easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

A wool sweater (this has to be 100% animal or protein)


needle and thread

large safety pins

First you’ll need to felt the sweater. In other words, shrink it. I would only do this if it’s a sweater I no longer want to wear. Usually you can find some great sweaters, already felted, at the Goodwill. 

What is a felted sweater? It’s a wool sweater that has been run through the washing machine and shrunk. I put mine in the dryer too, just to make sure it’s as tightly shrunk as it can get.

Cut the sweater into petal shapes. Just like a flower, you’ll want all sizes, large, medium and small. Cut some circles too for making the center of the flower. You’ll want to cut these after you get your flower put together so you’ll know how big of a circle you’ll need. Save all of your scrapes too. You’ll need those later as stuffing.

Once your petals are cut, thread your needle and start building your flower. String them onto the thread, one at a time going in a circle. Once you have a flower you can sew around on the back of the flower to reinforce the petals. I like to tack the petal leaves together, but you really don’t have to.

To make the center, eyeball how big your circle should be and cut a circle twice that size. Take your needle and thread and sew along the edge of the circle using big stitches. Stuff the middle of the circle with scrapes and pull thread tight drawing the edges together. Tadah! It’s a poufy center!

Then attach your poufy center to your flower tacking it down along the under side.

You can also use a kitschy button as center or just sew on a flat circle of another color. You can roll the felted wool into a spiral and attach it too. It’s your flower, make it unique!

What can you do with a felted flower? You can pin it to your shirt, or a jacket, or a hat. You can use it to cover a snag or a hole in a sweater that you still wear. You can pin it to your purse, or your book-bag or the headrest of your car seat.

You can make lots of them and give them to friends!

They’re fun, easy and inexpensive to craft.

What you’ll get!

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  1. momochi says:

    What a great resource!


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