Don’t turn your Date into a Bro-fest!

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My next date was a nice guy I met on We had several telephone chats before the first date took place. He sounded nice. He had all the right answers. Now I was anxious to see what he looked like in person instead of the flat, one dimensional photo he had online .

He picked the meeting place and the activity. I was impressed! It was one of the nicer bars/restaurants in the area. That was a good move! He decided we would get together for drinks and play some pool. Something light and casual. 

The one twist to the evening was that he decided to include three of his friends and their dates. That was great too! If I didn’t like the guy once I got there, I could always hang out with the ladies and chat. It also took a lot of pressure off of me with it not being a one on one evening. Besides, the fact that he was ready to socialize me into his circle of friends so soon was a good sign.

I was really looking forward to this date!

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I arrived at the place and went inside to look for my date and found him and three of his friends at the pool tables. Where were the other girls? “Um, well his girlfriend had to work and his girlfriend wasn’t feeling well and, well, he kind of got dumped today so he’s decided to get roaring drunk. I’m so sorry this isn’t working out like I planned.” It was okay, I thought to myself, I can ride this out and see what happens. I assured him I would still hang out.

Did I tell you that I am an excellent pool player? Well, I rock.

We played pool and had beers until the pool table turned and another couple of players took over. Then we got a table outside on the deck and ordered more beer.

There I was. On a first date. Just me, my date and three of his bros.

I must admit that it felt like I had my own personal harem. Women walking by our table gave me memorable stink-eye. I must have looked like a vixen sitting there surrounded by good looking men! I was like a stripe sitting in the middle of a bunch of solids and not a clear shot in sight.

As his heart broken friend got more and more toasted, he decided it was time to take him home. He was so disappointed that this was how our first date had turned out and kept apologizing.

I had fun! But I wouldn’t want every one of our dates to be a bro fest. I am hoping that next time, now that I’ve gotten to know him better, it will just be us, one on one.

First dates, I’ve decided, are best left as a one on one affair. I guess the anxiety and the nervousness of the first meeting should be allowed to happen. I get nervous and sweaty, but maybe that is something organic and not to be messed with, like an excellent break or a gnarly bank shot that works out. Maybe it adds to the chemistry that is a first date when there are only two players. I had fun meeting my date’s friends, but getting to know him was a scratch because we had no time to focus on each other. Perhaps next time, meeting a potential boyfriend’s playmates can wait until I know the guy better. There’s fun to be had, but on this date the eight ball got pocketed before the game was over.

I’m off to have a fabulous weekend! I have two dates scheduled with new connections! Lots to tell you about next week!

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1 Response to Don’t turn your Date into a Bro-fest!

  1. That guy is kind of dumb. Honestly he goes on a date and bring his friends along wtf? Lol… actually I know a guy or two who do the same.


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