avoid being manipulated

Manipulation is shrewd or devious management, especially for one’s own advantage.

There are some folks that are masters at the art of manipulation. I was surprised to find out how many of them I rubbed elbows with on a daily basis. It was almost frightening. Especially when I realized they had also manipulated me at one time, or another.

Recognize when you’re being manipulated. You need to act responsibly and with sincerity in the face of the ruse and above all else to avoid people that practice malicious manipulation at all costs. In general, people that manipulate do so out of some narcissistic need for attention and most of all for control. It’s selfish, self centered behavior.  

The next time you find yourself in a vulnerable state resulting from something you know to be outlandish, take a moment to process before you lose your temper. Look into the eyes of the one being newly solicitous and helpful. What do you see there? Do you see a friend? Or do you see someone with something to gain from your pain? Chances are they’re the ones engineering your demise.

You can find this and many other entries about living with and recovering from narcissistic abuse in my book, Life After the Narcissist written by Katy Shultz. Available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and all fine retailers.

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4 Responses to avoid being manipulated

  1. RP Fields says:

    Too funny. It reminds me of a similar story I heard years ago about my own company. Apparently there was an extremely insecure middle-manager who thought she had been unfairly passed over for promotion. She decided to make it her mission to undermine every young staffer who passed through her office. Her secret weapon? She would pull every one of them aside, privately, and tell them that others in the office had complained about the young person’s body odour. Of course, they were always ashamed and embarrassed, not to mention upset that “people” had been talking about them behind their backs.

    Finally, one young woman confided in a friend who used to work with the manipulator, and learned that her friend had been told the same thing. They started comparing notes with current and former staffers, and the ugly truth came out. It got back to the boss, somebody filed a harassment complaint, and the manipulator “suddenly” decided it was time to retire.


    • Yay!!! That is an awesome story! When all of my story was happening the reason I was privy to many details is the Manipulator actually tried to get me to side with her against the female designer and I refused. I told her the designer was a friend of mine.

      Some folks just have too much time on their hands.

      I’m in love with your blog, btw 🙂


  2. The kind of character assassination that is spoken about in this story goes on all the time–especially at higher levels in organizations between people competing over power, prestige and promotions at the top. Glad this is being discussed here so that others can learn and approach their career ladder journey with open eyes.


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