A Date with Mr. Mom

by Single Not Desperate

Image by izZM<--Friends call me izZZ<-- via Flickr

There is nothing sexier than a single Dad. Even sexier is a single Dad that has custody of his child. I am infatuated with the man that spends his day around the schedule of his child. And I’m dating this guy!

I connected with Mr. Mom on Match.com. His first few messages to me had me smitten. He told me that he put his daughter first, so our dates would have to be planned with her schedule in mind. That totally worked for me because I’m a single parent too! 

On our first date we never stopped talking. We talked about our lives, our work and we also talked about our children. It was magic!

What I like about him most is he is an evolved man. He actually likes women. I know, that sounds funny, huh? It’s true though. Some men only like women for a few reasons; sex, food, and having children. Other than those reasons, they think women are expendable and interchangeable. It’s a machismo attitude and it’s one I can live without. Finding an evolved man is a real plus and there are plenty of them out there these days.

Our date was dinner and then drinks at another location. It was nice to be able to change the venue to a place more relaxed for the close of the evening. Like I said, we never stopped talking. That was a clear indication to me that this date was one that was working and going in a good direction.

At the end of the date he got kind of shy. Do we shake hands now that we’ve shared so much? Do we hug? Do we kiss? I broke the ice by making a joke about kissing and he was quick to tell me that he really wanted to kiss me. So he did. It wasn’t a French kiss, but I definitely see a French kiss in the future with this date.

He sent me a text the next morning. He said he had a great time getting to know me. Then he wrote that he was getting a sitter for Friday. Could we go out again?

What do you think I texted back?

Oh yeah!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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9 Responses to A Date with Mr. Mom

  1. Regyna Longlank says:

    That’s awesome! I’m curious if you have a policy about your kid meeting your dates yet. When I first started dating I thought the women I knew had some pretty bizarre practices around such things. They would have the guy wake up really early and leave and then come back, stay in a hotel, all kinds of things to keep the kids from knowing what was up. This made no sense to me when I thought the someone I was dating to begin with would last, but when they didn’t and then the next one didn’t either I started to realize maybe those ladies had a point.

    I would have to date someone for several months before I would consider introducing them to my kid. They would have to be in my life consistently for over a year before the kid had any idea we were dating and other than friends. I’ve already seen my kid get attached to someone and then have to get over it, that will never happen again if I can help it. Sometimes you can’t help it, but you can make darn sure it looks like they are sticking around before you even get to hello with your kid. That’s not being overprotective. That’s just good sense.

    At first I didn’t think about these things, or consider that they were an issue for me or that I needed to make rules about it. Are you thinking about it? Did you talk about this already? Not like it’s any of my business, you don’t have to tell me what you decide, but do think about it, I’m sure you are. Tiny little hearts get broken too, and there is nothing worse then having your kid ask you where so and so is and why they aren’t coming around anymore while you are nursing a broken heart of your own.

    Not that anything like that is going to happen to you, of course. I am a fan of everything working out, and you finding your mate without a hitch. But just in case. Ok, I’ll shut up now. Yay for finding a great guy!


    • singlenotdesperate says:

      Hi Regyna! I thought your comment was so interesting that I’d do a post about it! Tune in for my take on how to deal with children and dating 🙂


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