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by Madeline Laughs

I used to get notes from Deepak Chopra occasionally in my old email account. He sent one that I have saved all these years. Here it is;

“Where are you?


Let us not demand of ourselves that we alone must be the agent of change. In a fire brigade everyone passes along a bucket, but only the last person puts out the fire. None of us know where we stand in line. We may be here simply to pass a bucket; we may be called on to play a major role. In either case, all we can do is think, act, and say. Let us direct our thoughts, words and actions to peace. That is all we can do. Let the results be what they will be.


It’s so easy these days in our fast moving society to forget where we’re standing in this long line. What is our purpose? Are we making a difference? Is the small bucket I have to offer enough?

I think that just having a purpose, no matter what that purpose means to anyone else, is a good thing. Your purpose can be as simple as getting up in the morning to make coffee, or it can be as complicated as saving the world, but only you know what your purpose is and what it means to you.

Everyone has the ability to make a difference. It doesn’t matter how large the difference is, or how small. You make one everyday just by engaging in life.

No one cares how full or how empty your bucket is. Sometimes your bucket may only have a drop of water left in it, but you’re still passing it on, you’re still participating. And the person passing your bucket never looks at what you’ve handed him to pass. He’s too busy thinking about the same things you’re thinking about.

We’re all out here. We’re all standing in the same line. We all have a job to do.We all want the same thing. We all just want a little Peace.

Someday the fire will be extinguished.

Until that day happens, I’ll keep passing my bucket to you.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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