Till Dirt do we Plant

by Madeline Laughs

Just a patch of weeds right now!

Here is what I’m starting out with. Move along! Move along! Nothing to see here folks! That’s what it seems to be saying to me right now.

Before we till the earth I like to lime it. I buy a nice sized bag of lime and spread it over the ground. Then it’s tilled into the soil. Lime makes your vegetables sweeter. In Maryland I liked to add dried blood, or blood meal for iron, but the water table here is full of iron.

Notice the rust bloom on the side of the house? That’s from the water sprinklers. We have an in-ground well that we use to water the lawn and the garden. I feel less wasteful doing it this way because it’s like we’re recycling  the water. The pump brings it up and waters the ground. Then seeps back into the water table to water everything the next day, all over again.

Once everything is tilled I will rake through every grain of dirt to pull out roots and weeds. Then I’ll be laying in the soaker hose so I can plant around it. One really hot days, the soaker hose will keep the ground moist without water laying on the tender leaves and causing them to fry like bacon.

Then the planting begins!!

I taught her how to use the choke last year so she seems to have a better grip on the Big Tiller now. I was so proud of her yesterday! This is the calmest tilling job my yard has ever seen! I think this is great news for the garden karma 🙂

Tilling #1 being started!

Wait one second...I'll be right back.

Stop taking my picture!

Go away!

No bookFace!

Okay! I smile!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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3 Responses to Till Dirt do we Plant

  1. Blossom of Light says:

    Your soil looks like sand. I tried to dig in Virginia Beach and there was so much clay my shovel and even garden fork kept bouncing off when I’d jab them at the ground. It was exhausting. The shovel got about a teaspoon at a time and the garden fork got a couple small, rubbery chips. I tried to compost and the when it rained it floated away. I think I needed dynamite. I can imagine a tiller bouncing off of it; too ridiculous! I don’t know how they got grass to grow on it.
    I have, since, moved away to the Pacific Northwest. My yard has adequate drainage so I can compost. I rarely even use my compost but I hate to throw all that good stuff in the garbage. I have the happiest worms!


    • My soil is sand 🙂 I live on an island in the Atlantic Ocean 🙂

      My mother in law has hauled in truckloads of top soil for us though, so it’s not too bad and I’ll be using some potting soil when I start putting my plants in for the first time.

      I’m excited! I love digging in the dirt!!!


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