Facebook; the Wrong Idea

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by Madeline Laughs

One of my friends posted something truly sarcastic on my page a while back. I know the guy and I knew it was his style of humor, so I made light of it. Then I started getting private messages from friends that didn’t know him and they were mad. “How could he be so mean to you?!” Well, to him, this wasn’t mean. He was merely being himself. To me, it was kind of mean, but since I know him, I knew he was kidding, so it was okay.

There are roads on Facebook that should have a Do Not Enter sign posted.

I made some cutesy comments on one guy’s page and later got an email from him professing his undying love for me. I reminded him that I was married and that I was only poking fun at him and  now he hates me. I got deleted, blocked and probably stomped on. Oopsy. 

I am not alone in this dilemma. Sometimes folks just get the wrong idea.

You’d think I’d be more careful now, but sometimes the smarty pants in me takes charge and I comment. I am never mean!! I dislike people that post snarky mean comments, but sometimes you have to just let it slide, or delete the thread and start over. In my case, after trying to answer email #3, I deleted the thread. It caused more drama than was necessary.

When I am cutesy on someone’s page, sometimes I forget that there is a whole host of folks on that person’s friend list that don’t know me. I don’t always ask for permission, but sometimes I do, when I remember to 🙂 And other times I just don’t post. It depends on my mood. Those are times when I hope the friend will pull my smart ass out of the fire by making a comment that lets their friends know I’m only being funny.

That’s not always the best plan.

One thing I have noticed that I was actually surprised by is the use of the Like feature on Comments. I have one friend that Likes every comment people make on their posts. When this feature was added to Facebook I saw it as a total waste of hypertext, but this friend uses it religiously and it totally works.

Nobody else that I know does that!!

You know how sometimes you make a comment on a thread and it just dies there with your comment being the last thing written? Often when this happens to me I wonder to myself “What? Do I need a breath-mint, or something?” You start to feel like the ominous thread killer and you fear ever posting another comment.

This friend never leaves anyone hanging. They will take the time and effort to press Like on your comment. I think that’s great manners! I started doing it too and I feel better that I let my friends know that “Hey! I saw your comment and I’m glad you stopped by! We have a dialogue here! We’ve opened a discussion and it rocks!”

So, thank you for teaching me the importance of using my Like button.

Not everyone will think you’re funny, or even cute. Some folks will think you suck the air out of the room every time you post. It’s their prerogative to remove you from their Newsfeed if they desire the relief. I know I’ve removed some folks that annoy the crap out of me, but there are some days I really wanted to know what they’re talking about, so I added them back. This was much better to me than deleting someone altogether.

When I’m at home in between assignments, I tend to post a lot of garbage in the wee mornings. I have tried not to be annoying, but that can be futile.

Just try to remember that it is a privilege to post on anyone’s space. Be nice. Be funny if you feel like it, but let them know you’re glad they share this small bit of real estate with you. If you think they get the wrong idea or they feel insulted or hurt by your posts, ask them about it. There’s no need in letting a social network ruin your friendship. That is just not worth it and it’s the wrong idea about being social.

So until next time, I’m pressing my Like button!!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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3 Responses to Facebook; the Wrong Idea

  1. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat says:

    Feel free to post on my wall whenever and whatever you want. I promise I won’t send you hate mail nor love letters 😉


  2. RecAgenda says:

    I wouldn’t have seen this without your comment on my own, somewhat similar, experience. Thanks for sharing!


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