Pickin’s are slim!

by Single Not Desperate
Anillos de Matrimonio, Aros de Matrimonio

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I have decided that Match.com is either feast or famine when it applies to a small town. You either get a lot of matches, or you get nothing at all. I am in the nothing at all category at the moment.

When you sign on to your account, Match.com will offer you 5 selections that match your criteria. Lately all I’ve been getting is You have no selections today!

I logged onto the local bulletin board to see what was happening in town. I was perusing the various topics and reading some of the funny comments when I notice the face of one of my friends smiling back at me from the column on the right. Her picture was there under Small Town is Dating! along with about 5 other pictures for a local dating site. Hey! That’s really getting your name and face out there! I kind of liked that idea. I might just sign up if this Match.com dry spell continues. 

Just because I’m not hitting pay dirt on the dating scene, doesn’t mean I don’t have something to dish about though.

I work in retail so I see a lot of local people coming through my shop. Imagine my surprise when one of my Match.com picks strolled in! I got kind of excited and was mentally rubbing my hands together thinking I was about to make a love connection right here at work.

Imagine my shock when I realized that he had a bevy of folks in tow. A wife and three small children!

Okay, so I’ll bet you’re accusing me of jumping to conclusions right now. You’d be right and wrong at the same time. I tried to rationalize this away. I didn’t want to believe that someone was out there perpetuating something this heinous. Maybe this was his sister and her kids? Maybe this was just a family friend? The cozy way he and the woman shopped together was way more than just platonic or brotherly. The big give-away was the matching wedding bands.

I stood my ground at the cash-wrap because I couldn’t wait to make eye contact with this scoundrel. I wanted him to take a good look at my face and to feel some kind of shame for what he was sneaking around doing. I knew he would recognize me because if he was one of my picks, I was surely one of his picks too.

True to the scumbag’s code he recognized me and then acted like he didn’t recognize me. I burned holes in his handsome face with my glares.

I watched his profile on Match.com thinking he would delete it, but he hasn’t. He’s on there everyday. I guess I could say something to him or perhaps report him to Match.com as a fraud, but I don’t know the whole story and besides, I’m too classy to get that involved in this guy’s demented lifestyle.

I was out dancing at a local bar just this past weekend and guess who walks in all dressed to kill sans wedding band? That’s right! Husband of the Year! He was out with a few of his buddies dancing the night away and flirting with everything wearing a skirt.

I guess he doesn’t have to pay a babysitter when he feels like going out for a night on the town, does he?

Do I feel sorry for his wife?

That’s a good question. I’m torn about how I feel. On the one hand, she should know this man she’s bore three children for, shouldn’t she? On the other hand, what if it was me? I just don’t know how I feel about it.

I do know this much; if he winks at me again, I’m going to glue his eyelids shut with super glue.

So right now, pickin’s are slim, but I’m still out here trying to make a love connection and avoiding the traps and pitfalls of being single in a world gone mad.

Stay tuned!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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2 Responses to Pickin’s are slim!

  1. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat says:

    What a dog! I’d rat him out to his wife. It would serve him right.


  2. Mike S says:

    I’ve just found your writings. I searched on Yahoo for some info on Match.com and you were near the top of the list. Fortuitous.Quite enjoyable.
    Regarding this scumbucket: I too have three kids (teens) and a wife. We are working out a separation and divorce quite amicably albeit complicated. We haven’t shed our rings nor publicly announced our impending split. We have family outings together. And we are free to look about for love-discreetly.


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