Labyrinth lost

by Madeline Laughs
"The City of Troy" near Dalby, North...

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I had the location of my first labyrinth.

I was ready to walk.

It was so small. I noticed the bricks were kicked out of place and it looked neglected and unused.

Looking closer I saw the way in was blocked. Further over I saw the way out was blocked too. If this is so, then I can enter, but I can not leave. I can not even make it to the Center.

I wanted a few days to consider this. What message does that give the labyrinth walker if there is no way in to contemplate and no Center for resolution and finally, no way out.

One labyrinth lost.

I found my second labyrinth. Miles from where I started. Days from the beginning. It was hidden away behind a locked fence. I went inside to ask for entrance.

“You don’t want to go back there. It’s overgrown with weeds. You can’t even see the labyrinth anymore.”

I smiled. I thanked her.

The way in is blocked. The way out is blocked. You can’t even see the labyrinth anymore.

Two labyrinths lost.

Is something in my heart and in my soul the reason the walk eludes?

I sit here in the wee hours wondering why the labyrinth is lost to me.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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