I have something you might need

by Madeline Laughs

Rush Urgent Fragile

I have a friend that has mailed boxes and large envelopes to me for the last 21 years. You never knew what would be in them.

The first box I received was hand delivered by her. We used to live in the same city. I found it sitting in front of my apartment door when I arrived home one afternoon. It wasn’t a box at all, but a picnic basket. I remember being delighted to open it and see what treasures she had shared with me.

The Carolina

The basket, like every box and envelope since, contained items that made her think of me. There are always notes, maybe a copied photograph, confetti hidden away in a folded piece of tissue. Lovely, thoughtful items. Sometimes they were unusual, sometimes just plain fun and sometimes they were an expansion she wanted me to experience. No matter what the box contained, it was a delightful way to spend part of my life. 

Once I received one of her boxes and in it was every kind of chopstick imaginable and a Chinese takeout container. The container was filled with small folded fortunes that she hand wrote herself. I spent a month pulling them out and reading them, one at a time.

I never asked her if I was the only lucky recipient of this luscious love, but over the years I have discovered that mutual friends will speak of some wonderful treasure they now possess from her. So I know this practice is something she bestows upon us all.

My favorite is a published book of her poetry.

Throughout our friendship I moved quite a bit, so it was necessary for her to call me occasionally for my new address. She would always end these conversations telling me “I have something you might need.” Then I would wait in childlike anticipation for whatever she was busy packing up to send me.

I never asked her why she does this, but I have always wondered why. I marveled at some of these packages and appreciated them for the thought and the care and the personal time that went into each one. They are all special.

About 12 years ago I decided to adopt her practice and started sending out my own boxes of love. I won’t tell you how or why…but I now know why she does it. It’s the reason I do it too.

May your days be filled with unexpected surprises and the knowledge that no matter what else happens in this life, you are never alone out there. I hope the next box you open will fill you with laughter and make you remember how special you are to us all.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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9 Responses to I have something you might need

  1. Woman Wielding Words says:

    What a wonderful story and even more wonderful friend. I’m horrible about sending letters and cards at the best of times. I always feel guilty when the people who are good at it send me things. But, I think this idea is just incredible. Maybe it is something I can adopt. Have fun sharing the love.


    • Receiving one of those boxes truly makes you look at your life in a new way. I have another friend that sends them too. When one of our mutual friends re-entered the US after being abroad for 3 years she sent him a box with an apple pie and a loaded hotdog to welcome him back to the states…through the US Postal system. Of course, none of it was edible when it arrived and it probably stunk like crazy, but like they say; it’s the thought that counts 🙂


      • Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

        This just reminded me of my time in Japan. I didn’t send lots of presents from there, but I spent time finding the perfect gift for the people I cared about. Sometimes they were more expensive, sometimes they were less. But I didn’t send anything until I had the one that spoke to me. So, perhaps I missed birthdays and holidays, but the gifts were truly from the heart.


  2. Michi says:

    This is such a sweet idea! My friend from high school and I did this during the first two years of college, before she transferred to my university. This post reminded me of her. It truly is a thoughtful and sweet way to show your love to people. 🙂


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  4. Nora L Pratt says:

    Wonderful story! I know why you both do it… it’s delicious isn’t it? Happy blogging, I so enjoy reading…


    • Thank you Nora 🙂 I think I have always garnered more excitement than the receiver, mostly because I get to spend the time to make it personal and send a little bit of myself along. It definitely has a reward that needs no illumination in order to be felt.


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