look around

by Madeline Laughs

A small pad of Post-It notes.

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Isn’t there enough negativity in the world?

Maybe you’re sitting in front of your computer monitor right now reading this. Or you’re on the subway headed to work, or perhaps to see a play and you’re reading this on your phone. Wherever you are, take a look around you. Really look at everything you’re surrounded by. People’s faces, a framed picture on the wall, an old familiar chair, post-it note reminders, whatever there is, really take it in.

Now, leave all the stress that invades your mind daily behind. Participate in what is happening in your life at this moment. At this moment all there is, is what there is, nothing else.

During one of my low points in life when everything seemed to be crashing down around me, I picked up the bad habit of complaining to my husband every night about all of the crap I felt I was having to deal with. Oh, I had a long list! He would sit and listen, but rarely offer a solution. You see, if you haven’t already thought of a solution, then you are a part of the problem.

One night I was particularly angry so I decided to pick a fight with him. The tools of my trade make me exceptionally gifted in this art form. If you have a nerve, I’m going to dig it out and smack it around until you’re raging mad. The roadblock to my talent is a man used to dealing with me, so he hardly ever takes the bait. I went into overdrive flexing that muscle and he finally asked me “Are you unhappy with your life?”

That stopped me cold.

Was I?

That was the first time I took a moment to look around. Everything that surrounded me were items, mementos, pieces of me that I had collected over the years. I stretched my vision beyond the walls and considered how I spent my time, my work, my friends, my joys, all came rushing in. I thought about my past, my present and my future all rolled into one place, within me.

Did I ever have it so bad that I couldn’t be grateful for what I do have?

No, I didn’t. Not even close to bad.

From that time to now I have accentuated the positive. I count my blessings and they are numerous. My life and all that it is, is all that I have and so I will make the best of it while I’m here and I will be grateful for every little detail.

Is life really that bad? I think you’ll find that it’s not.

Look around.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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