Landmines of the heart

1982 Argentine minefield at Port William, Falk...

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by Madeline Laughs


Hey there! What are you doing?

Just moving through my day with bliss. You?

I’m sitting on a rock on top of the mountain talking to you.

Why are you on a rock on top of the mountain?

I wanted to hear your voice to make sure you’re okay. I have always thought you were one of the neatest people I have ever met. I do like you a awful lot.

It sounds kind of lonely up there. Are you close by?

Look out your window and you’ll see me. I have been lonely for a very long time. I don’t want to be alone anymore. I am so looking forward to seeing you. I am having a hard time showing my affection. I know that. I’m working on it.

I don’t want for you to be alone anymore either. Can I come over now?

If you come please don’t let me fall anymore. I’ve been falling for a very long time. After 2 years I’m just beginning to feel like there is “Real” earth under my feet. I’ve never really experienced falling for so long. I’m honored you would have ANY thing to do with me. First, come out and see me. We could be like oil and water or like Ketchup and fries. A perfect fit. Time loves a Hero. Time will tell.

Would my hand in the small of your back help keep you steady?

I would like that but I’m afraid that if you come too close the ground will open and swallow you up. I am afraid. Afraid of commitment. Afraid of getting someone killed out here. I don’t have much confidence in myself.

I’m not afraid of the ground. Sit tight and I’ll be right there.

Okay, please hurry because I don’t know how much longer I can sit here. It’s getting cold, my ear is hot from the phone and I’m too tired to come to you.

I’m on my way now.

Be careful and don’t run. You are a special person to me. I can not see the future, but I hope we are both in it.


Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened. I told you not to run!! Are you okay?

Yes, but that hurt. Did you know that was there?

I should have told you when you cross over the ground all around me is loaded with land mines and traps.

It’s okay. I’m sure you didn’t mean for me to get hurt and I survived.

You don’t understand. I did know you would get hurt. I’m treading SO carefully through a mine field in my mind. You’ll have to be careful too.

So, you knew about this?

Yes. I knew because I put them there.


I didn’t do it to hurt you. I did it to protect you from me. It’s okay though. I’ll guide you the rest of the way. Step to your left.



That one really hurt, didn’t it?

Yes! It did hurt! Why did you do that?!

I won’t do it again. I promise. Remain calm and step to your right now.


DAMMIT! Look at this! I’m bleeding!

I know and I’m sorry, but you’re almost here. Run straight to me. Don’t be afraid anymore.

Oh wow! I made it! It’s so cold over here. Let’s go back so I can warm you up and you can rest. Everything is going to be okay now.

Sit down next to me for a minute. Understand this about me. I’ll understand if it don’t appeal to you. So please. You mean a lot to me.

It’s not safe here around all of your traps. I’m scared.

It’s safe here next to me. I would never lie to you about that. Trust me for once and just sit down next to me. I like having you this close. You are one of the bright spots in my drab life.

Okay. I’ll rest with you for a minute, but then we should move on to some place warmer. I don’t like it here. Will you keep me safe while we’re here?


Hello? Is anyone out there? I’m sitting on a rock on top of the mountain and I’m lonely. Can you see me? Is anyone there? Hello?

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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