Some people will do anything for attention

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by Madeline Laughs

When people start getting litigious, you just have to giggle a little when they want to spout facts. You also have to wonder what in the world their friends are thinking when they start to support the poor bastard’s delusions by participating in them.

Check out this exchange from Facebook:

Litigious Guy: I just want to say to all, if you have gotten a MSG from **Girl #1 Or Girl #2 ( Same person) Bashing me or warning you of me…Would you be as kind as to send me a copy of the letters? I’ve had 11 friends write to ask me why she is wanting to spread rumors and lies about me…Like I assault women..This is serious…I have never assaulted anyone ,Much less a woman. I have a speeding ticket and a turn signal ticket…That’s my record. I dont understand why this chick is fascinated by me and persist in spreading lies about me…To the point of screwing with my job..I have a serious job…I was suppose to go to Afganistan in Oct…But because Of my PTSD kicking my ass ,I didnt go…She said I was lying about going to get sympathy…I assure you this is not true…Im a civilian for the DOD ..I dont have to go like a soldier….Now It’s serious…I have not said BOO to the chick since Nov 4th..It was so serious I spent money on a lawyer…And you know he said have no contact with her…So I have not…This is the 1st time I have addressed this in Public….So if someone would send me a copy of Girl #2’s and Girl #1’s Site ( I hear its full of my pictures) You help will always remain in confidence….thank you to all my friends.

Following this post a woman commented that she didn’t know who he was talking about, but she would sure keep her eye out for this woman. Then some guy named Jon comments. Another guy name Michael and yet another guy comments. These weren’t even long and involved comments and one of them wasn’t even in response to Litigious Guy’s post, it was about something Jon had written on his own page! My point is that there wasn’t much space used in between LG’s first post and his response to them.  

Litigious Guy: Thanks Guys…Unreal the amount of lies this chick is spreading…**Girl #1/ Girl #2/ is one of her many “Names” .Thanks Guys, ..I have a ton of stuff for my lawyer…Im just going to see if she has more money than sense….. Also, She saying I threatened her in public posting in groups…If anyone has a copy of ANY threat I made I made to her ( Cause I have not!!!) …Send me a copy, Cause I haven’t said “Boo” to the chick or anything since Nov 6th when I told her I saw a lawyer…This really sucked, For nearly a month I have ben answering MSG’s from people asking me” WTF?” people that know me know I help people, Hell I was a Special Olympics coach for 6 years !!! They check your record!!!

Take a look at something else that kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. See it yet? It’s the dates he mentions. Go take another look. It’s like the Where’s Waldo of Facebook. Got it now? Yes, he did remember to add the BOO and the “Boo”, but forgot to keep the dates straight.

So was it November 4th or November 6th that he stopped saying Boo to her?

Was it Girl #1 or Girl #2? Are they the same person, or are they the same person in his head? (cue theme music from Twilight Zone here) Is it easier to believe they’re the same person because fake profiles on Facebook are what he’s accustomed to? I mean, wasn’t he best friends with a fake profile recently? I’m guessing that anyone that doesn’t like him or shares their opinion about the amount of verbal abuse he shells out on a daily basis is probably a fake profile in his world.

Why not just drag everybody’s name through the mud? Isn’t that better than trying to sort out fact from fiction? Actually, no it isn’t, but when you’re confused about what truth looks like, you tend to go with what you know rather than what is right.

I would  like for him to prove he has that mysterious and serious job he keeps bragging about. According to the legal counsel’s office of the US Marine Corp Commandant, there is no Department of Defense office of any kind in his town or any of the surrounding cities. There certainly isn’t an office there, military, defense or civilian contractor, that designs weapons. Besides to be a Weapons Analyst or to work in any capacity of that nature you have to be an engineer with a four year college degree. Mr. Litigious graduated from high school.

This brings us to the PTSD that was kicking his butt and keeping him from going to Afghanistan in October. October? Wasn’t that just two months ago? I thought he was supposed to go to Afghanistan in August. Wasn’t it on August 2, 2011 that he wrote:

“Hi Fi! It’s 4 in the morn here…Just thought I would say I got here,Wow what a ride! My arse is flat! Thought we were going to stop in Ireland to refuel and get out and walk around, But we in air refueled! 26hr straight flight! I dont ever want to make you cry…If I did Id make wine from your tears! We are outside Jalalabad and damm its a real third world country ! Getting ready to fly out on a helo to a fire base close to the border in about an hour or two! Beautiful poppy fields,We are in the middle of a poppy field.Crazy! I only have time to drop one email off , so if you would tell everyone I said Hi I would thank you! Im going to take over here and make myself King and I am going to put an end to the fighting! Cause it’s good to be King ! Bye Sparky! Have a Sparkling Day!”

Well, well, well, this sure sounds like someone that thinks they’re in Afghanistan to me. How about you? If you got this message, wouldn’t you think they were in Afghanistan and not still here saying “PTSD kicking my ass ,I didnt go“.

Oh, I know! This was one of those emails they make you write before you deploy! That’s it! Or that’s what he wrote in his apology for lying about going. I had no idea they made people write bogus emails before they deployed. That was news to me. So I Googled it and look at what I found!

“We’ve been getting a LOT of emails and comments here on the blog from women around the world (mainly in English speaking nations) that have fallen for scams that use names and likenesses of military members to lure their prey. I’d like to take a moment to detail these scams….

There are many variations out there, but this one seems an attempt to legitimize their military affiliation. Many of them are already in theater when the scam begins. Once contact is made, they are miraculously going to be shipped to a remote outpost with no internet access, phones, toilets, or even sunlight! It doesn’t exist out there. THe mission is so top secret, even they don’t know where they’re going. But, once they get there, they realize that there is ONE way that the nomads have found to tap into the rocks and dirt to extract internet access…”

~from   Anatomy of a Military Dating Scam read the entire article and all of the extensions at this weblink.

I found that article very informative even though his wasn’t a dating scam you still have to wonder what was on his mind since most of his fake emails were sent to women. Even if there were bogus emails written in advance of his deployment, it didn’t explain the numerous ones he wrote afterwards describing gun fights and his tent, etc. No, it doesn’t explain why there were several emails being sent at all hours of the day to several different people, now does it?

Besides on September 2, 2011, he was talking about the fact that he lied about going. About a dozen people received a message from him apologizing for lying to about going. He had a panic attack and was hospitalized. Tell you what…I’ll buy that if I can see copies of the hospital admittance forms and talk to the treating physician, in person. I don’t believe for a minute this guy was in the hospital for a panic attack he had on the tarmac before boarding the plane. I do believe he could use some hospitalization though.

Moving down to comment number two (pun intended) we see this plea for assistance: “If anyone has a copy of ANY threat I made I made (sic) to her ( Cause I have not!!!) …Send me a copy


If he made the threat, wouldn’t he have a copy of it? Or maybe he doesn’t remember? Who really knows? There are numerous copies of every single threat he’s made though, every nasty comment, every dirty name. There are copies of all of it, and witnesses. You might be able to refute copies, but you can not refute witnesses.

And then there’s this:

Litigious Guy: But I dont make a point of letting many people know that…It’s on of my Achilles heels..I was a special Olympics coach for 8 yrs…I loved working with the kids.

He wrote this a few months before he got into a pissing match on Facebook with someone else and decided to throw his altruism in their face:

Litigious Guy: I was a Special Olympics coach for 6 yrs. I didnt see you at the events. I didnt say the Handicapped ( or is that the wrong word?) were retarded…That’s retarded to think that..

The part about Special Olympics is questionable since no one there can find evidence that he was ever a coach. Maybe he volunteered for an event, which is admirable, but he was never a coach for 6 years. Or 8 years. That’s the other thing that gets me. There’s a big difference between 6 years and 8 years and it’s one that anyone that actually served the time would remember.

So, do I think he’s fascinating?

No, but I do think he’s kind of scary.

But that’s just my opinion. You should make up your own mind. It is my opinion that this guy needs professional help and counseling and those are available to him if he chooses to participate. I think his first move should be to close, or at least ease off of, the hours and hours he spends on Facebook. He has developed an unhealthy existence on there and it’s not doing him any favors.

Be careful out there folks! Some people take great pains to make you believe anything. Don’t fall for it.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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2 Responses to Some people will do anything for attention

  1. Pops says:

    I’d love to get litigious with you.


  2. LoCal Russian says:

    Unbelievable. As I began reading this post, I was thinking that the word “litigious” refers to a man who is prone to being litigated against. I quickly realized my mistake – that the word refers to a man who simply cannot wait to litigate against someone.

    Liked by 1 person

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