Why do people Hate people that tell the truth?

by Madeline Laughs


I am a proponent of the truth and I tend to seek the truth when I feel it is being hidden from me. I found that some folks just aren’t interested in hearing the truth. If the actual facts do not coincide with their current beliefs then nothing you can say will change their minds or make them behave differently. In fact, screaming the old saying Don’t Kill the Messenger might not be a bad idea because folks that do not want to hear the truth are going to do whatever they can to silence you. Since it’s against the law to kill you, then discrediting you may work the same magic.

Why do people hate people that tell the truth?

There are several age old reasons why the truth is so distasteful. The best one is that the truth hurts. It hurts when the person hearing it has been lying or has something to hide and in telling this truth an innocent person is set free of the web of deception. Yes, it hurts and in some cases, I hope it leaves a mark.

Jack Nicholson was famous for this line in a movie;


Not being able to handle the truth suggests a weakness. It could be a physical weak spot or a mental one, but when someone can’t handle the truth it means they have been living a lie for far too long. It’s time to face the music of truth, whether you like it, or not, because the person that’s been handling it all this time is just about to let it loose all over your world and you better be ready.  

I had a friend that was brutally honest. Some people like to pretend they are brutal when it comes to honesty, but they could never hold a candle to this guy. There were times I actually accused him of being a bully because his truths were to the bone bloody. He never sugar coated anything. He called it like he saw it and he never hesitated to bring it into the light for everyone else to examine. He taught me a lot about telling the truth.

His name was Rob Drake.

I grew up in a very Southern household and there were things you just didn’t talk about. If they did enter the conversation you were taught to gloss over it with a white lie here and there. It was the genteel thing to do.

My first few encounters with Rob were rocky and that’s being genteel about it. I couldn’t stand him or his crass way of picking apart a conversation. His favorite thing to yell whenever I was in the midst of sharing my day or a new experience was “Bollocks Kate!” Startled by his outburst, I would give him a nasty look and continue what I was saying. He was patient and would wait until I finished. Then he would merrily point out the numerous embellishments I had added in order to make my story more interesting.Why would I want to lie when the truth of the situation could be just as interesting to anyone that was listening?

It was a painful process. For me.

Over the years his teachings stuck with me and when I started writing he read every word and praised me whenever we had the chance to speak. He told me that while my writing was prolific and beautifully strung together, I still had the bad habit of embellishment, but he forgave me.

There are some people that hate other people for telling the truth, but I will always love my friend, Mr. Rob Drake, for making me pursue the truth, because it is my right to know truth and it is my duty to tell it.

My friend Rob died around the first of this year, 2012. He died at home surrounded by his small family. He had known he was dying for the last year of his life. He had pancreatic cancer and it was terminal. When he found out he was ill he quit his practice and decided to visit all of his favorite surfing spots in the world.

My friendship with Rob spanned 30 years of spotty communication, but always knowing that we were friends forever was truer than true. God rest your soul, my friend.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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21 Responses to Why do people Hate people that tell the truth?

  1. afteramerica says:

    Reblogged this on AfterAmerica's Blog and commented:
    Since I am part of what is often called “The Truth Movement” (if you can call it that….I thought it would be appropriate to re-blog it here. Especially when I read the line “Why do people Hate people that tell the truth?” Your thoughts please…….


  2. John Anthony says:

    I think life is ALL about emotion….so many people for lots of reasons try to control their emotions by controlling facts ie:reality. Some people are so committed to this process they create and maintain constructs like religion, politics, status, unconditional love etc that in the end limit life and the chance to live it as richly as one can. Life as I see it seems a constant process of control of others and oneself to keep the addiction to positive (pleasurable) emotions going. In the end we all die and I’m guessing that will finally show us how litlle we can really control in life.
    May I ask what emotions do my words envoke?


    • Yes afteramerica 🙂 Please re-blog this to your site. I think the most important message is that it is everyone’s right to hear the truth and it is our duty to tell it. Thank you so much!


    • Hi John Anthony! Thank you for stopping by and feeling compelled to contribute. Your words create a sense of calm from being understood. Yes, we all try to control that flow of good feeling as much as possible. I am guilty of this too, however my control now is more about weeding out the liars and the bad stuff and taking more time these days to pay attention to the people in my life that represent truth and honesty, as well as goodness. I finally figured out that I do not have to control the truth that some people refuse to tell. I only have to tell my truth and if that exposes them as liars…then so be it 🙂 Did you happen to read my post about being gullible? You should check it out. It’s entitled Gullible’s Travels. You’ll enjoy it.


  3. warren says:

    I am a truth seeker as well, from my experience, most people only want selective truth at best. The deeper you go into the truth, the more layers of deception you shed off, the more offensive the truth becomes to what we’ve been taught. Religion, culture, and politics, while highly controversial, are not the most controversial topics out there. Now that is a hint, if I came out right and said it blatantly, everyone here would rip me apart for having the *cough cough* cajones to come forward and actually say it. Instead, I wanna encourage others to do their own thinking and find it for themselves.


    • Feel free to express yourself here. Everyone at Spread Information has cajones, real and metaphorically 🙂


    • Regyna Longlank says:

      Truth is always relative. Absolute truth can only exist in a vacuum void of a timeline. I share my truth in hopes that others will find theirs when they read mine. I have no illusion that my truth is the only one, or even the only true one. I’m willing to accept that my truth and the complete opposite of my truth can coexist simultaneously and still be true. Along with a myriad of other also true possibilities. Perspective. Now that’s absolute!


  4. warren says:

    I also wanna add, the gov’t is a controlled puppet institution filled up with psychopaths, we’re already under 1 world government and have been for thousands of years. No creature on this planet is as obsessively studied from the top down as human beings…. They’ve got human behavior down to a science (called behaviorism, a weapon against the masses), they already knew coming into this age that there would be some folks who just wouldn’t buy the official story, so they gave them puppet leaders to follow, like Ron Paul, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Alan Watt, Alex Jones, etc etc etc, as well as plenty other identity movements and even the truth movement was funded by the CIA…. These puppet gurus jobs are to mix truth with lies, use truth to sell disinfo, to send would-be truth seekers back down the rabbit hole. In short, each individual counts, we need to individually become our own leaders.


    • Regyna Longlank says:

      If what you are saying is the case those are some very astute planners and executors of plans. Personally I very much doubt anyone capable of that level of organization and clandestine actions. They would have had to tell someone by now, people can’t keep those kinds of secrets long.


      • warren says:

        So, they didn’t plan this in Nazi Germany or USSR without it leaking? What if I told you I had evidence they did? Obviously, or it woulda never happened.


  5. warren says:

    the common thread of disinfo in all these gurus, is feminism. We live in the most blatantly anti-male age imaginable, women have more rights and less responsibilities than men, yet, still women are reguarded as the victims, men are given little to no reguard, unless we’re being reguarded as psychopaths or embuciles. Feminism, theosophy, and synarchy, all 3 things that tie together, this is the common thread of disinfo in nearly all the truth movement gurus. It’s outlining an agenda, because they will actually use the truth movement to bring in the NWO… They have to tear down the old system to bring in the new system (not that the old system was any good, but the new system will be worse). What better way to tear down the old system than via controlled opposition? This way, they can fool the people into thinking they are winning, so they can usher in this “utopia.” It’s gonna be like something out of Orwell’s 1984.


    • Regyna Longlank says:

      Oh dear. May I suggest spell-check going a long way towards helping you not look dumb in print. Good for the goose and for the gander! Please do explain to me how you see women being in power for all this millennia? I am fascinated. To my mind women ruled for a good long time, then men took over. Now men are sorry they took over, it sucks to be king, and they are looking for someone to blame.

      Rather than fight each other perhaps we should make a bold move and try equal footing and respect and see how far that gets us. Haven’t tried it yet, can’t hurt!


  6. warren says:

    I’m not entirely blaming women either, they do deserve some of them blame but so do pussy whipped “men” who make excuses for misandry and act as enablers. So yeah I call the men out too, just not for the popular reasons.


  7. warren says:

    look at it, almost all your false gurus out there have a matriarchal stance, they promote matriarchy, theosophy, and feminism…. They promote this feminist westernized myth that males are always big bad evil oppressors and women are always perfect little angels. Meanwhile, females are the most protected demographic out there, they get 40% less time than men for committing the same offense, they unanimously win custody or DV cases, look how many men have lost years to their lives because of false rape accuzations, everywhere you look is “breast cancer awareness” yet, just as many men are dying of prostate cancer, and we don’t hear a peep about it. I could go on all day but I think u get my drift.


  8. Linda says:

    Are you kidding me Warren? And you call that bitterness and tin-foil hattery claptrap the truth?


  9. Tracy says:

    Hi Warren, bravo for you for telling your version of the truth. What is truth actually? Is science absolute truth, no. Something that has been verified now can and most likely will be deemed unreliable when new information comes to light. So I think we all have our versions of the truth. Your post reeks of gender competition too, which sadly is one of the biggest problems in our world. The only difference between the two genders is our anatomy, everything else is basically the same, but yet our society has taught us competition..why? You reference breast cancer awareness opposed to prostate cancer, yet I am sure that if a group of men got together and launched a prostate awareness campaign as elaborate as say Susan Komen, that it would be just as well received by the public as breast cancer awareness. I am a woman with a father who is a prostate cancer survivor and I would be right along side you in being a champion fighting this dreadful disease and making the public aware. I am sure I could throw out some statistics about women that would fall under the bar of fairness, but I have no desire to do that. Men are wonderful and unique as well as we are and the bottom line is working together in being one and recognizing the fact that one could not survive without the other. I applaud all of man/womankind because each and every person I have met in my fifty years on this earth have enriched my life.


  10. warren says:

    I’m not making this into a pissing contest, really, I’m not here trying to degrade women. I’m just spilling facts. The only ones here who, IMO, are making this into a gender competition, are the ones who are, by default, defending matriarchy. Because how often to u tell the average “truther” who follows a matriarchal guru or w/e, how often do you tell THEM that THEY promoting gender competition for speaking purely on the side of the female? I’m willing to be not very often. Hell, look at sitcoms, advertisements, men are always made to either look like idiots or psychopaths. Whereas women (with few exceptions) are made to look like perfect little angels, morally and intellectually superior in every way… And here’s another one, there were “feminist” type movements leading to Nazi Germany and USSR too…. Once again this is not to degrade women, if you think it is, then I’m sorry for you…. I mean sure the system divides us, plays all sides, this doesn’t mean all division is dogmatically equal.

    Nobody today would argue the division between whites and native americans when this nation was founded, would deny it was strongly one sided. Nobody today, if given a time machine, would go back to the early days of America’s founding, and tell the Native American man, after his home was stolen, family murdered, and village burned to the ground, “well you know, the whites don’t have things so easy either, we’re getting played too,” as a way to go around it or to shame him from speaking about HIS experiences.

    But this is often what happens when someone says something standing up for men. The misandry and 1 sidedness of the gender conflict couldn’t be any more one sided. The only major difference is, it’s politically correct to defend minorities, it’s not politically correct to defend white and/or males today. Almost all the laws are anti male, the courts, DV courts, custody, men do 40% more jail time than women who commit the same offense, like I said there’s tons of this stuff….. Women have more rights and less responsibilities than men do.

    I’ll tell u why, why the government has specified interest in emasculating men, because they KNOW most resistance will come from men, women are (generally) more susceptible to authoritarianism. Same reason they used a :feminist” type movement to bring in Nazi Germany and USSR. That isn’t an attempt to degrade women, it’s just the facts. Millions of innocent men havehad their lives ruined because of this mentality we have going on here, and making excuses for this is showing no empathy for them (it’s more misandry)….. A man is not even allowed to be a human being in today’s society, he’s expected to be a non-feeling machine, no matter how bad things get, he can’t complain. He’s an ATM machine, he’s a robot, he’s a psychopath, he’s definitely NOT treated as a human being.


    • Regyna Longlank says:

      I’d hazard a guess the target audience for the ads you mention are women. They do control a lot of the discretionary spending for couples. Or men with low self esteem and mama issues and the women who love them 😀 must work. If it didn’t sell product they wouldn’t keep doing it!


  11. warren says:

    the real women haters are the elites, would u put it past them to place a lot of blame onto women? To train women to think they can just do anything and abuse their power, so when shit comes crashing down, women have the egg all over their face?


    • Regyna Longlank says:

      I find it amusing you make these comments on a blog written by women. Perhaps you enjoy fighting up from a powerless position? Or do you just like to lose spectacularly in a public forum?


  12. Humans are programmed to (be cowards to ) see-no-evil hear-no-evil
    Then maybe the evil will avoid them. Maybe they will not die or loose
    things/their dear ones and all other shit that comes with life.
    The more truth you know (for example, about the LIFE itself ) the harder ( IT ) will get. So if someone tells unknown true things to another one, hell will come to his/her town too. So she/he will hate (and blame it on ) that person who told those ‘truths’. Yet, the sooner you know about truths, there’re MAYBE more chances to do something (while you still can ) about(against ) the worse evil that will come ANYWAY. In this world or in the next one. (To ) live is evil
    spelled backwards In englsh > the language of the (engles ) angels
    Make that change! In THIS life/world, already! If you can/they allow you to
    certainly not. They won’t loose anything/body would they


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