The Anatomy of the Buffet

The Buffet Deutsch: Das Buffet

The Buffet Deutsch: Das Buffet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Madeline Laughs

I’m not sure who actually came up with the first buffet, but I credit Chinese restaurants with this wonderful idea. It seems everywhere I travel these days there is some kind of buffet to partake of. Now you can find Indian food buffets, Sushi buffets and Italian buffets. My favorite just so happens to be a Chinese buffet.

In one town I ate at the same Chinese buffet every night I was there for about two weeks. It was the same for me every night. I’m not one of those that will eat until I pop just because it’s all you can eat. I eat exactly what I want to eat, and no more. This usually means I visit the buffet one time. 

My first night there I ate my one plate, which is reasonably full, but not piled high like Mount Everest. I finished up and went to pay the cashier. She was the same lady that had seated me, so she expressed some surprise “You’re done already? You just got here. Was everything okay?” I assured her the food and the selection was excellent and that she would see me again.

After the third night of the same behavior, she stopped charging me the dinner price and would only charge me the lunch price. This was considerably cheaper, so I left a much bigger tip. Then each night the waitresses would all vie for my seating, when before they had dreaded seeing the Party of ONE come in. Party of one usually means a very small tip.

I like the buffet because it means I get to try a little bit of everything and can try new things I might not have had before. New things are becoming a rarity now.

The Golden Corral has become another interesting place to eat. I try to go early to beat the crowds because they get packed at night. Most nights are theme food nights and I must confess that I don’t eat there enough to know which night is what food, but they have a nice spread and the choices are good. I especially love the salad bar.

The folks at Golden Corral work their butts off! There are grill to order cooks in one section and the salad bar has someone constantly refilling and refreshing the bowls of fresh vegetables. Some nights they have a Mongolian Barbeque going and now they have the famous chocolate fountain that everyone loves to stand in line for. I personally have never tried the fountain, but it looks like fun.

People watching is great fun at the Golden Corral. Parents allow their children to serve themselves, even though management frowns on this and there are signs posted. Kids tear through that restaurant like it’s a Chuckie Cheese though. I try to avoid going behind a lone child in the buffet line. It’s not unusual to see a kid pick something out with their bare hands, change their mind and put it back. I think someone needs to remind parents that a Golden Corral is not a kid’s restaurant and perhaps accompanying their child to pick out healthy choices might make for a better dining experience for folks like me.

There is a certain beauty and elegance to the buffet and the connoisseurs that frequent them. Not all of us weigh 300 pounds and are going to eat our weight in food. There are many of us that just like to serve ourselves and make our plates different and adventurous each and every time we get the opportunity to pick and plunder the vast array of delicacies awaiting us on those massive steam tables at the buffet.

Next time you decide to do a buffet, challenge yourself to put together the perfect plate of food on your first trip. Make this your only trip unless you need a sweet to finish off the meal. Ignore that nagging feeling that because it says all you can eat, that you should gorge yourself to nausea. Enjoy one plate of good food, have one meal, not several.

The anatomy of the buffet just means choice and that’s what life is all about. Making good choices, the first time.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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