She’s Wine while I just Whine

This image shows a red wine glass.

This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Madeline Laughs

I think it’s past time for me to pay props to an unexpected gift from the Universe. This all happened in an organic way, kind of like kismet or serendipity. However it happened, I was blessed and today during this time of year I am also grateful.

When I started writing last year during a difficult time I noticed someone reading that would comment on a regular basis. I loved reading the comments and they always had a humorous edge to them mixed with a softness and lots of admiration and love. Reading them made me feel good and made me think I was doing something special by sharing.  

There were plenty of other folks that commented on my writing too, but the difference was that this lady commented consistently and always with the same intentions. Never once did she say make a judgement about how I could improve my behavior. Never has she ever made me feel petty, or small, or scolded. What she has made me feel is special. She is the peaceful calm in comments that I looked forward to after each grueling and heartbreaking post.

In life, you get lucky enough to feel the grace and the generosity of a person on rare occasions. To be given this gift without provocation, without reason and without expectations attached, is truly a mission in extinction. She participates only because she wants to and only because she can.

And I’ve never met her.

She has become my Guardian Angel of feedback.

To thank her, to show my appreciation and gratitude, seems pale in comparison to the magnitude of love she has shown me. I have no words. I have only love in my heart and I know she has seen it.


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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3 Responses to She’s Wine while I just Whine

  1. OneHotMess says:

    We all need those guardian angels of feedback! Xoxo


  2. whine-wine-whatever says:

    Thank you, darling MaddieLaffs. You made my eyes leak.

    If you were made to feel special, I had so very little to do with it. Because you ARE special. Maybe I simply helped you to uncover it and see it amidst all the turmoil and pain piled on top? It took a lot of plain ol’ guts to bare yourself and share your story. I admired that. Still do.

    The feelings of blessings, gratitude and love are totally, completely reciprocal. But you know that. ❤



    • Awwww! I didn’t mean to make you cry and I sure hope it was tears of happiness because that’s what you deserve. Your support this past year has been tremendous and it all soaked in like a well made marinade. Love, love, love YOU!!!


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