Getting something out of being read

by Madeline Laughs

I have been giving some thought lately to what I’d like to get out of having my work read. I like seeing the numerous people that stop by to have a look. Whether they found us through a Search Engine or they have subscribed to our updates, there does seem to be people interested in what we have to say on here.


My husband doesn’t read anything I write.

That’s right! He’s not subscribed to this blog in any way except he Likes our Fanpage on Facebook. That’s only because I made him Like it and Big Whoop that he likes the Fanpage because he’s hardly ever on Facebook.

Oh, if I put it in front of him and ask him to, he’ll read it. If I ask for his opinion, he’s happy to share it with me and he always has the greatest praise for anything he’s ever read. But we rarely even talk about my writing and he never asks me about it either. He has absolutely no interest in seeking out anything I write…unless it’s won some prize money. Even then, I bet if you quizzed him about exactly which piece of my writing won a contest, he couldn’t tell you. If he could guess the content, then he’d never be able to tell you the title without using Google and he wouldn’t be able to tell you any details of the story either.

BUT he could tell you exactly how much money I won!  

It has never disappointed me that he shows no interest in my writing. I really don’t care if he reads it, or not.

I’m not interested in some of his pastimes either.

But if your friends aren’t interested in what you write and your spouse isn’t reading what you write, then…

How does a writer get readers?

What kind of readers are you looking for?

Why is having a reader so important?

Where do I go when I am looking for something to read?

I thought about adding our blog to several blog catalogs. So I signed up for one blog catalog. It took a good ten minutes for me to pick a valid username. Then it showed that our URL was already registered, but when I searched for my own pen name I couldn’t find a single post.

IMG_0172[1]After wasting an hour, I decided blog catalogs, a resource I have never used to search for anything I have ever wanted to read, was a dead end resource and not to ever be considered again. Has anyone reading this ever had any success with a blog catalog? If you have please share that with us.

Someone told me recently that he stopped writing because of lack of interest. I asked if it was his lack of interest, or the readers. He told me it was the readers. In other words, he didn’t have many readers.

When you find yourself writing for a very small audience, you should keep writing. Even though the crowd is small, they are still reading and you never know where it will go from there.

I have discovered a few different ways to get new readers, but the best one is simply to read what other people are writing and to engage them. Guess what! There are a lot of writers out there that actually agree with me! Like this writer that I follow here on WordPress:

“i’m sure i know there are other ways to pick up readers, but few are as easy and wholesome as actually going and doing unto others what you would like them to do to you (see what i did there? smoooooooth). it might take a while, and that is to be expected. but two or three months of making a concerted effort to reach out to other writers is almost a sure-fire way to bring those same people back to your blog. with this, i wish you the best of luck and offer one last bit of advice: make it a goal to read a blog a day. you don’t have to follow a blog each day. just read one. if you like a post, “like it.” if you love the whole blog then follow it. if you have a question or something constructive to say about a writer’s thought or opinion, drop a comment and keep an eye out for responses. a blog a day and in three months i almost guarantee you’ll have more people coming to your blog to see what you have to say.”

Check out the whole post here:

You might even consider following him too. He has a lot of great advice and tips for writers out there.

I usually look for topics that interest me and find it’s motivational and inspirational to read what thoughts someone else might have on a subject that I am intrigued with.

I recently started actively using my Reader and checking out my colleagues. You’d be surprised how enlightening it is to see what everyone else in the world is talking about. You’d also be surprised when they stop by to see what you’re talking about too, because they will and they do.

I guess what I’d like to get out of this whole writing experience is to know that someone some where is listening. I’d just like to be heard…and understood.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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  1. Glad to see you agree with me!


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