Socially Distorted – Chapter 13

by Madeline Laughs

English: The image shows how the [chat] permis...

English: The image shows how the [chat] permissions work online. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a few hours of back and forth with her online therapist, Darlene felt a little better to cope with the outside world. Outside, in her case, meaning the Internet.

Having a therapist online made it so much easier to get to the stuff she really needed, rather than have a stranger sit across from her in a dingy office and eyeball her into an uncomfortable place. She hated the way someone that was trained, could read her body language and know right away when she was being dishonest. This way she could be and say whatever she pleased and the therapist would just give her the kind of answers she wanted, rather than what she probably needed to hear.

When she was younger and in and out of a therapist office she cried a lot. Then she started figuring out a way to really use what the therapist was teaching her. She took the advice and the challenges and put them to the test and they really did make a difference!  

When she reported her progress to the therapist, however, the therapist was extremely upset with her! It was one of the best and worst days of her life. Darlene had figured out a way to use what the therapist taught her to manipulate people even better! In the therapist’s opinion, she wasn’t getting better, she was getting worse. Evidently a talking therapy was not going to work for her, so the therapist dropped her from her patient corral.

Darlene didn’t care. She was sick to death of showing up on time and dealing with the mousy little woman. When therapy went digital she was in heaven! From that moment on she sought out articles and books on the subject, found an online doctor to talk to and used every tool she found to terrorize and demean every person that entered her life, including her last boyfriend.

Although the ending of her romance devastated her into the situation where she currently existed, she was sure she had put a huge dent in him life as well. Or did she? She kept forgetting how quickly he had moved on to his new love and his new life, without her.

Enough of that!

She physically shook herself out of the reverie that had the power to plunge her even deeper into a fog of despair and opened a chat window to talk to Barney instead. She saw that his chat light was dimmed and went to check her messages while she waited for him to come online.

There was nothing new from Barney. Just a few links to more of that horrendous crap he called music. She heard enough of that noise reverberating through the floor boards from her downstairs neighbor. Often she put her headphones on and pulled her feet into her chair to get away from the constant thumping the guy insisted on doing nightly. A few times it got so annoying that she had called the cops to his apartment to ask him to turn it way down, or completely off. Three o’clock in the morning was no time to be having a hoedown!

During her counselling session she had decided to ignore the ramblings of Barney’s former online girlfriends and continue with their flirtation as usual. He wasn’t hurting her, well, not really. In any case, she had gained some valuable insight from her online session that would guarantee Barney only paid attention to her from now on and not every new bimbo that signed on to chat.

She checked again and his chat light was still dim.

She got up from her desk and padded over to her window to look out. The sun was just getting ready to set and sometimes she had a nice view of the beautiful colors in the sky as it plummeted into the earth. She stood st her window with the curtain parted just enough to see outside.

Lost in the beauty of the sky, she wasn’t paying attention to the man walking across the parking lot below until he stopped abruptly, starring right up at her. She surveyed the obese, dirty man curiously as he stood paralyzed to his spot on the asphalt starring at her with his mouth agape.

She knew his face.

He was the nasty little creature that inhabited that putrid cavelike dwelling in her building.

This was her nemesis, the downstairs neighbor.

Suddenly he broke into an ambling run for his front door. She could see that this was not something he normally did because he stumbled quite a few times, nearly falling. That’s right, she thought to herself, run you fat, smelly bastard!


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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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