Watching the Oscars!! Hooray for Hollywood!

31st Academy Awards Presentations, Pantages Th...

31st Academy Awards Presentations, Pantages Theater, Hollywood, 1959 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Madeline Laughs

Oscar night is this Sunday night!

I have been watching the Academy Awards show for as long as I can remember. I worked in the motion picture industry for about 4 and a half years and back then I was pretty good at guessing who was going to win in each category. I’m not so good at guessing now that I’ve been away from the business for such a long time.

Some folks think this is just a bunch of hoopla and not worth their time. I think those folks are missing out on something pretty amazing. The film industry and everything it represents to me, is pure joy.  

Think about the last time you went to the theater to see a movie.

It’s a ritual!

You browse what’s available for viewing and pick a theater location that suits your geography. You stand on line to buy your ticket “One for Beautiful Creatures please.” You get in another line to purchase popcorn, chocolate covered raisins and a small Cherry Coke. Grab a straw for your soda and some napkins to keep the butter from getting on your clothes in the dark. Hand over your ticket and then make your way into the theater.

Picking the perfect seat, you stand at the bottom of the stairs leading up and check out what’s available. Do you need to be on the aisle for a quick getaway? Do you like being in the middle where the sound is even and there’s the same amount of screen on each side of your viewing capabilities?

You find the spot you like, make your way over and do that casual, yet skillful, placing of the butt just so you catch the edge of the upturned seat and can lower your body at the same time the seat lowers, because both of your hands are full holding a grocery bag sized popcorn and a bucket of cola.

Once you’re seated, you look up at the big screen.

You’re hopeful that the next two, sometimes three hours, will make you forget that there is a noisy world outside. For the next few hours, it’s just going to be you and this film and nothing else is going to matter.

Then the house lights dim and the adventure begins!

This Sunday night I will be glued to my television set watching the Oscars, just like I have for many, many years. I will check out the beautiful dresses and all of the beautiful people. I will applaud their accomplishments and mourn their failures, just as if I were there and my feelings count too. You see, I know what they personally sacrifice in order to entertain us because I’ve worked with them. I know the hours they put in and the humility it takes to make a project work in order to get it to the big screen. I can appreciate who they are and think that the money they get paid is totally worth the entertainment we enjoy and take for granted.

I hope I never lose that feeling of excitement I get each and every time I enter a movie theater.

I say Hooray for Hollywood! Long live the Movie Star!!

Click the link below for your very own printable Oscar Nominee Ballet for 2013 and see how many you can guess correctly. Courtesy of Moviefone!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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9 Responses to Watching the Oscars!! Hooray for Hollywood!

  1. sorry – i have lost the excitement of going to movies – by the smell of processed hot dogs, the champing of people munching their popcorn and slurping their 36 ounce cokes. the talking about the plot – in loud voices – because if you talk too softly – then you cant hear each other over that stupid film that is playing and don’t get me started on cell phones – despite repeated warnings about switching the things off – you still get them going – and half of them hold a conversation !!!!!

    BTW – if you have to be in the industry to correctly predict the winners – what does that say about the awards ?

    great post – thankyou.


    • Regyna Longlank says:

      So true. I have to steel myself before attending live films in public. Mustn’t smack other peoples’ children! Especially when they are now adults.


    • The theaters here are mostly quiet and respectful and cell phones are forbidden. Next time you’re east, we’ll go to the movies and maybe you’ll change your mind.

      Well considering the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents the awards and all of the voting is done by the Academy members, who all work in the motion picture industry… having an inside look and a finger on the pulse of the industry made my guesses a LOT more accurate 🙂


  2. I love the movies and grew up with them. They’re awesome and I love watching all kinds of movies. As for the awards, I don’t care much for them but if I’m available I watch them, it’s actually the only awards show I will watch when given a chance. Do’nt care of AMA, grammy, emmys, schemmys or any other ones. The Oscar’s is a total show that is just cool to watch, but not cool enough for me to make plans around it. But long live the movies!


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  4. Loren nason says:

    Ive never watched the academy awards or any awards show, just not into it enough. I like movies but usually will just watch at home. Or I at least wait a week after a premier for the crowds to subside.

    I miss drive-in movies


  5. Cliff says:

    Excellent post. Believe it or not, I also once worked for a movie studio, So I know how you feel. Some great memories. I will be watching on Sunday night.


  6. Regyna Longlank says:

    Well yes. The cloud of smug from all the self entitlement is purty thick round these here parts. Sounds like your place is way comfy and I highly concur on the red wine!


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