Socially Distorted – Chapter 15

by Madeline Laughs

149632_286235588151555_1832309905_nDarlene quietly laughed as she clicked the button on the screen to quickly go Hidden, so Barney couldn’t see she was still active in the chat room. Everyone else in the group could still see her, but Barney could not.
Several other chat windows were already open on her screen and the type was rapidly filling each one as everyone busily chatted away about what a monster they all thought Barney really was. Everyone had a story to tell. Everyone had been lied to. Some of the women in the group were positively devastated.
But Darlene wasn’t devastated at all.  

She felt powerful!

Look at him, she thought to herself. His little chat light sat there all lit up and alone, no one to talk to him. What a poor pathetic loser! But she loved him still and would be the one to take care of him. Oh, she had no intention of mending the fences in the group so they’d forgive him. Oh no! Why would she bother doing that?

She was the one that planted all of those nasty little seeds over the past few days.

She was the one that meticulously designed and agonized over the private messages she would send out in order to win favor with each member. It made her nauseous to think of the groveling she had to do with some of them. She didn’t care if the one lady was suffering with gastritis! It made her blood run cold, but she spent a few hours online letting the poor wretch regurgitate every torrid detail of her illness. Darlene had clucked and cooed words of comfort, while she rolled her eyes at the screen and pulled at her own hair. She knew the only reason they listened to her was because everyone in the group thought she was a doctor. She knew if she came to them with the explanation that Barney was mentally ill, that they would not hesitate to do whatever she asked them to do. All for the sake of protecting themselves, yanno.

Once she felt she had the old goat’s good side, she carefully laid out the scenario she planned to share with each member about what a creep he was being. She spun tales of how mentally deranged he was and possibly dangerous, “He’s got an apartment full of guns! I seen the photos of him and alla his mates toting big guns and shooting it up! I think he’s certifiable! And yanno, he’s lied about everything he’s ever told us! Did any of ya ever think he was a real policeman? He’s not, I’m tellin ya!”

It had worked like a charm! She planted fear among the weaker sex and she planted prideful disdain and jealousy among the men. She feigned a helpless lass persona, even though she was supposed to be this big, badass doctor-lady that could cure any disease.

By the time Barney had signed on again, she had successfully manipulated every member of the group.

She watched the numerous chats and all of the rage and hatred filling the screen in front of her. She shivered in her chair. A huge grin spread across her face and she shoved her fist in her mouth to keep from laughing hysterically. She couldn’t believe just how well this had all played out without blowing up in her face. She swiveled her chair around and around and waved her arms in the air with joy.

She finally stopped celebrating long enough to check for Barney’s chat light. Was he still on? Yes, he was still there. His chat light was lit up and she wondered if he was just sitting there in shock, or if someone, besides herself, had taken pity on him and decided to clue him in about what was going on.

She had sworn everyone to secrecy claiming she was afraid Barney would try to use his fake police credentials to get her deported. No one would ever betray beautiful and helpless, Irish immigrant Fiona! So she had no fear he would ever know the truth about what she had just done to him.

Still and all, it behooved her to maintain a dose of paranoia, especially for the women he had been romancing on the side.

She had no earthly idea where he found the time! Any woman in the group that was still young enough to menstruate had been secretly having naughty chats with Barney! Even the married ones! She had never had such a good time in her life as she had twisting these poor women into great, big knots. These desperate and ravaged hags told her everything. They even shared pictures and cut and pasted his chat conversations for her to read and ruminate over.

Oh the nastiness of it all!

Barney was a very bad boy!

Like a good girlfriend, she intently listened to each of them and offered up her own Irish brand of comfort. She told the dried up bitches they deserved much better than that oaf and that everything would be alright…so long as they stayed clear of him.

Darlene stared at Barney’s chat light like she was looking right into her online lover’s eyes. Oh how I love thee, she thought. I love thee like the sun and the moon and stars, dear Barney. Now we can be together forever without any more interference.

Just you and I…forever.

Suddenly a new chat window opened on her screen and landed on top of the numerous buzzing chat windows already in progress.

Barney: Fi!! Are you still there? Help me!!


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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2 Responses to Socially Distorted – Chapter 15

  1. whine-wine-whatever says:

    It’s all so Machiavellian!!


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