Socially Distorted – Chapter 16

by Madeline Laughs

bearBarney sat back on his sofa, holding the bottle of cheap whiskey he had been hitting to calm himself down after the chance encounter with the girl upstairs. He was calmly watching his computer screen and the seven chat windows he had initiated, trying to talk to the women in the group about what was happening. Even the chat window to Fiona stayed still. No one was answering him.

He tipped the bottle back and took another slug. He grimaced because the nasty elixir burned all the way down. He sniffed loudly and jiggled the mouse to open his desktop. There he clicked on one of his many pictures of Fiona and enlarged it to fit the screen. As the picture of her pretty face grew, the resolution also grew and soon she was just a big blob of pixels on the monitor. He didn’t care. He knew it was her.  

Then he started doing something that had become a habit since he became this disheveled shut in. He started having a conversation with the blur on his screen.

Fi-fi, I don’t know what the sam hill is going on in that chat room, but I think you prolly do. I sure wish you’d trust me! I wish you’d tell me what the hell happened!

The picture on his screen stared back, two black holes for eyes and a pinkish black hole for a mouth, but it didn’t give him the answers he wanted.

He tabbed back over to the browser screen to see if anyone had taken pity on him yet. Every chat window contained the same message from him. Whatever the woman’s name was and the words “help me!!” vibrated on the screen, but no one was answering him there either.

The idea to appeal to the weaker side of them, the side that was always more interested in saving him than sucking his dick, got to them every single time.

This was a ploy he was using even more these days because his man parts had stopped doing what they had always done naturally. His doctor had diagnosed him as impotent with erectile dysfunction and offered to prescribe enhancers so he could continue to be sexually active. He didn’t like that at all. He was a stud! But he had relented and let his pride take a back seat and accepted the pills. It wasn’t like he was getting any, but it sure made those nasty chats he was having a lot more fun. At least he could get a raging hard on to keep him occupied a few nights a week.

He couldn’t understand this total shut down now. Hadn’t Fi told him she would always stick by him? Where the hell was she then?

Screw these bitches! he thought. He reached into the basket and popped one of his fun pills and toggled over to one of his least favorite websites. It was called and he was wildly popular because the desperate women that were members loved a fat guy. His online name here was PapaBear. He didn’t particularly like it, but he knew he could bust a nut with no effort and he didn’t have to pretend to be anything but what he was, grossly overweight and horny.

He adjusted his webcam, turned it on and settled back on the sofa to wait for someone to notice he was online and send a honey pot invitation.

He was so pissed off. He hoped whoever came online was in the mood for some rough chatting because he was loaded with insults to hurl. He took another slug of whiskey, made a face as he swallowed and then dabbed at the excess that had dribbled down his chest.

He looked down at the parts of himself that were now prominently displayed in the split chat screen on his monitor. His hair, which had not been washed in days, stuck up in odd places so he spit on his hand and tried to smooth it down a little. He could see the wet trail of liquor on his chest from where he had dribbled  every single sip he had taken from the bottle for the last three hours. Some of it had dried and was now too sticky to just wipe away. He spit on his hand and rubbed at the sticky places and just made them worse, so he stopped.

He had on his favorite fleece robe, but it was unbelted and hung to each side, displaying his naked bleached body in all of it’s glory. His belly was so large and distended now that you could only make out the smallest hint that he actually had a penis anymore. There it was, peeping out from under the weight of his fat roll like a shy bunny.

He smiled.

The pill was finally starting to take effect hours later and his split screen chat window was still empty on one side. He could feel the stirrings of heat in his nether regions and was getting worried it would be wasted if someone didn’t come online soon. He reopened his Papabear is online and looking for a honey window to make sure it was still showing as active and it was.


Oh lordy!, he thought, here we go! He had a bite. The split screen became animated and the person answering his call was there staring back at him. A low, gruff voice said “Hey there Daddy. You need sum hunny and I iz here to delivah!

Then the large dark face smiled.


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to Socially Distorted – Chapter 16

  1. awesome. I guess I missed previous chapters. I’ll have to look for them.


  2. Cliff says:

    Looks like I have to set aside a little time to read the other 15 chapters. I feel like I’m behind 🙂


  3. whine-wine-whatever says:

    “There it was, peeping out from under the weight of his fat roll like a shy bunny.”

    Like a shy bunny. Perfect choice of words. Perfect! I can almost see the little nub in my imagination.

    You’ve painted an exquisitely detailed picture of poor Barney over these 16 chapters; desperate, angry, depressed, diabolical, lazy, narcissistic, a pathological liar, paranoid, no empathy, manipulative…many are textbook traits of a sociopath.

    “Then the large dark face smiled.” Yeah. Post Chapter 17, wouldja??


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