I joined a blogging group

by Madeline Laughs

Like pagesI really did.

I decided to experiment with adding a bit of discipline to my daily writing addiction. Not being one to overload myself with rules, I decided a loose blogging group might be a great place to start.

Hats off to the admin that has taken it upon himself to gather this diverse group of creatives. He keeps us busy and accountable.  I think you could compare his job to something akin to herding cats.

I sent requests for three blogging groups, was accepted by two and dropped one because no one was even doing anything in it. I stayed in this one though because it is active and the admin gives you goals.

I like goals.

I might not ever make any for myself as a blogger/writer, but I have realized that I enjoy them!

The first task was already in progress when I joined. It is a blog a day challenge. I have seen these numerous times before, but was always finding them long after they started and they wouldn’t let me play because I was tardy. *sad face* Not so in this group! I was encouraged to dive right in, so I did.

The request was to post a blog a day and to read everyone else’s posts too. You were required to comment and to share the other’s posts in some form of social media.

The first day I read everyone’s entries I was perplexed. Not all of them, but the majority were blogs for money. Some were blogs about tech stuff and only a few were even close to being like mine.

That was scary and I felt inadequate.

And maybe just a bit trite.



(of a remark, opinion, or idea) Overused and consequently of little import; lacking originality or freshness.
hackneyed – banal – commonplace – trivial – threadbare

So I asked the group about it and they responded that variety was a great thing. I bet they never meant variety as in the way that I write though.

These were serious bloggers blogging in a technical world about money and technical savvy. I was not any of those things. In fact, as I muddled about trying to comment on some of the blogs where I had no earthly idea what they were talking about, I used my writing moniker and the link back to my own blog. I found out later that this is considered gauche.



Lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward.
clumsy – awkward – maladroit – ungainly – gawky – unhandy

Um, so sorry. I write as Madeline Laughs. I’m a real person and Madeline is actually my middle name. If anyone visiting this blog wanted to read something I wrote, this would be the most correct way for them to locate my articles.

Why on earth would anyone think I’m a bot?

Why is doing this unacceptable?

I thought that was just a bit harsh and unnecessary and…get this…not a rule I will be following.

I shared the blog posts from the blogging group that I liked in groups that I admin on Facebook. I even posted about doing this in the group, with a link to the fanpage on Facebook for this blog. Other than some of the other creative writers in the group besides myself, no one gave my post the time of day.

Two people Liked the fanpage though. *happy face* Yay!!

I am so grateful there are other writers in the group of my genre. Thank goodness for that! But they rarely post in the blog a day challenge, so finding them and participating with them outside of the group will be a challenge, but it’s one I’m working on.

The next task was to tag someone in the group that hadn’t blogged in a while. Being new to the group, but having already found someone I adored as a writer, I tagged her and she responded.

She’s getting her blog back online right now.

Now the group is hoping to talk about staying fit when your life is spent sitting at a computer. I haven’t worked on any ideas for this assignment yet, but I plan to get right on that.

I guess knowing that this experiment is turning out better than I expected makes me happy to have taken the leap and tried it. I can put up with being ignored by most of the other group members because I found the few that relate to me. So I’ll be sticking around a while.

I don’t mind being gauche because as long as I’m socially awkward it means I’m making an effort and not everyone can say that.

Whenever being quirky and different becomes a burden, ask yourself if you’d rather just be like everyone else. I mean, gee, it’s so much less pressure and no one will ever ask much from you. Why not go that easy route, you know? The safer choice? Who really wants to make waves that might change the world someday anyways?

*big, lopsided grin*

I bet your answer will surprise you.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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14 Responses to I joined a blogging group

  1. nikki says:

    It only takes “one” to change the world!!!! You are “one” of those!!!!! xoxoxoxo


    • Oh I sure hope so. If I accomplish nothing else on this planet, I hope it’s making people aware that there are steps you can take to being happier. They aren’t easy steps, but they are doable. Thank you Nikki ❤


  2. Paula says:

    I just discovered your page today!!! I was posting on My Emotional Vampire and noticed your post! As for being trite…no way!! As for being gauche…isn’t that a French word meaning “to the left?” Hehe! Regardless, keep writing and sharing.


    • LOL! Yes, we will redefine gauche! To the left it is! Thank you Paula. I have referred three of my friends to your page already. I can not sing the praises for what you are doing for so many people LOUD enough or long enough. Your page is OUTSTANDING!


      • Paula says:

        Thank you!! I’m sharing your stuff, too. Trying to get more friends to “like” your page. It seems people are more willing to comment in the private world of Facebook than they are here on WordPress. Any clues as to why that might be? 🙂


      • Thank you Paula 🙂

        I have no idea why they’ll literally regurgitate everything on a public Facebook page, but say absolutely nothing on the blog. It’s a mystery to me too 🙂


      • Paula says:

        Hehe! Yup!


  3. If it makes you feel any better, I think I’ve made all the mistakes you can make and am probably still making them. Ignorance is bliss.
    I’m just a dumb jock, but I have a bigillion ideas about how to stay fit when sitting at a computer a lot. In fact, was thinking of creating a fitness course for writers and other nerds. If you need ideas, or someone else to feel gauche with, give me a holler.


    • Thank you Greta! I saw your post in the group and I’m going to be checking it out tonight. I love that we can be gauche together. It’s always more fun with friends 🙂 OMG! and I am the queen of faux pas too!! LOL!


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  5. restlessjo says:

    I guess it all depends why you blog and what you get out of it. I’m just a frustrated travel writer (another!) but I have really enjoyed the blogging process, made a lot of friends and learnt a huge amount. I’ll never be a techie whizz though- it all moves too fast.
    I forgot when I commented on your amusing JAR post to say thank you very much for the follow. I’m flattered.


    • I started blogging to get stuff out of my head. I’m one of those ruminators and have found that once I write it out and hit Publish it’s almost as if I have scrubbed most of the bad feelings about it right off of my brain. Blogging gave me a voice.

      I’m not much of a techie either, but I have a secret weapon…a techie blogmate 🙂 She’s super awesome!


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    First time i joined a certain writer’s blog (i would’ve dropped the name if it was still in my memorybox) i got branded as a troll for pulling a satiric attack on the fetus-extraction industry. How’s that for people who can’t or aren’t interested in relating.


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