Never send a Boy…

by Madeline Laughs
Bean bags in the Budda Bag Shop in Dublin.

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RULE #67: If your business partner‘s idea of preparing for an upcoming tradeshow is to call you two nights before it opens to beg you to help him get ready, and once you bust your ass to get him there he goofs off the whole time, then it’s time to can this guy.

One Thursday afternoon I got an urgent call from my business partner about a tradeshow that was opening that weekend. I knew about the show already because my husband signed up for the same show and had made his flight arrangements months ago.  When my husband had made his arrangements I remember asking my business partner if he’d like to attend the show too and he told me NO. 

My business partner was now asking for business cards, which we didn’t have yet, product demos, which he didn’t have yet and money for the entry fee to the show.

He had worked himself into such a froth over attending this show that I had to do a mini-therapy session for his inthetoilet self esteem as well. “I’m such a loser! I don’t know what I’m doing!” he whined.

Geez, I started to wonder why I was trying to build a business with this person myself, but I persevered and pumped up his ego for the umpteenth time.

Being the efficient business partner that I am, I had business cards made, I sat up until 3AM copying product demos, made sure he could get into the show by borrowing an extra ticket from my husband and fedexed all of it to my business partner in record time.

Did I even get a thank you?


Are you wondering how my business partner used the valuable tools I spent megabucks to put into his hands?

Are you wondering if he brought home the bacon?

Asking him about the show got me no where, so once again I was sent out into the wilderness to gather intel on this business trip, he was so desperate to attend.

The report I received back about my business partner’s behavior at the show, after spending money we didn’t have to get him there, was that he spent most of his time hanging out in the bean bag chair at one of his buddy’s booths. When he grew bored there, he would mosey over to the golf booth and hit golf balls for hours in their virtual reality golf game.

He didn’t attend the major networking social on the first night of the show because he wanted to go out for ice cream instead.

He didn’t answer any of my husband’s phone calls, which were planned in order for him to meet key people and give them demos.

He didn’t attend any of the business appointments my husband had set up for him either.

He also didn’t attend any of the break-out networking sessions.

So who did he give the product demos to? Well, I’ll tell you who.

Who he chose to share these expensive and labor intensive product demos with was the biggest insult and it finally proved to me what a loser he really was.

The product demos, that cost a small fortune to make, were all given out to his friends, so they could see how cool his new company looked.

Not one demo or business card was placed into the hand of any future business.

Not even one.

In essence, this business trip was a huge, expensive flop, just like the  company ended up being.

What did I learn from all of this?

Never, ever send a boy to do a man’s job.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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