live out loud

by Madeline Laughs


Most people think it, keep quiet about it and then continue to suffer the indignity of having it happen over and over and over again. They hope it will change. They think that pretending it doesn’t hurt makes them the bigger person.

That’s bullshit.

All that does is make you neurotic.

I think it, say it, deal with and then move on.

Seriously. You have this life and time is short. Why spend it in the presence of people that you can’t be real with? Why wait for them to figure it out? Why spend another moment putting up with someone that leaves you feeling insignificant, unworthy and unimportant?

Find the people that do care and spend your time telling them they’re awesome.

That’s what makes you the bigger person.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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4 Responses to live out loud

  1. Love people with your words and dislike them with your feet.


  2. Love your post and Wally’s comment!


  3. Digital says:

    Yes, I agree … in principal. In reality, some of these harmful people can’t be avoided without the loss of something very valuable to us. They are the Evil Gatekeepers. Some of us are Psychopath Magnets and though we may learn to recognize the callous exploiters, we cannot change our personalities to become more repellent. We can move away, start anew; but toxic people are everywhere and there will always be new ones appearing uninvited on our doorsteps. Sometimes I think that total isolation would be better for me than exposure to the certainty of more self esteem damage. A lifetime of abuse did not make me strong—it made me aware, but not less vulnerable.

    Thanks for spreading information! There’s more hope for the next generation than there has been for those past thanks to people like you.


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