Strong women

by Madeline Laughs

IMG_5295I’ve thought a lot about what the term strong women means to me over the past few years. I think I have been blessed to know and to have known quite a few of them throughout my lifetime.

To be strong, in every sense of the word, brings to mind a well muscled machine of a body, but the strongest women are not always the most physically fit among us. I know some ladies with the rock hard abs and the feisty attitudes and have always been skeptical of their bellowing rebelliousness and in-your-face posturing. To me, this blatant show of fist shaking doesn’t speak as much of being strong, as it does of being fearful.  

I admire those tough girls though. I figure if they keep yelling loud enough and keep being outrageously obnoxious, they’ll definitely scare a lot of folks off.

No, I think the strongest women are probably the quietest ones.

You can almost see the light surrounding them. Mild mannered and gentle as a lamb, sweet with the love they have for the world.

They never judge.

They never put themselves out there as the expert.

They don’t whine about the state of the world unless they can follow it with a supporting opinion or a compliment of something that is right with it.

They vote.

They read.

They’re interested in other people, but they aren’t interested in controlling other people. Just as they don’t need to be controlled either.

You know when you’re in the presence of a strong woman. Loves emanates from all around her. She’s so filled with peace and confidence that you can’t help but feel relaxed the minute she’s close. Her smiles are easy and her laughter is rich and infectious.

When one of my friends smiles it feels like being sucked into a vortex because the smile spreads across her face so easily and it is brilliant enough to dazzle you for days. When we’re in a bar together and she smiles, every man in the room will make his way over to our table. Even though we’re both married, she is nice enough to greet each one and have a conversation. It’s not a big thing, but it is a human thing.

Strong women are courteous.

A strong woman may be a little bent over because her spine is misbehaving, but in the eyes of her friends and the ones she has taken the time to share her grace with, she stands taller than the sun in the sky.

Strong women are fair and they give everyone a chance to be who they are. A strong woman will allow you to show her the truth, rather than trying to draw it out of you. She waits, because a strong woman is patient.

A strong woman will raise a beautifully strong daughter and her child will always know the wonder of the fantastic and the mysterious because her mother will always be both. She is silvery shine on the outside and on the inside she holds the Universe together for her child.

I have never thought of myself as a strong woman, but I think it is something I can aspire to. Until then I will continue to be blessed by the ones I already know and look forward to the ones I have yet to meet.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to Strong women

  1. That is beautiful! I think we all aspire to be “that woman”. For me, it is my mom.


  2. I want my stepdaughter read portions of this as she tried to develop herself into a “strong woman”. 🙂


  3. mysterymom7 says:

    Amazing post! I’m sure the strong woman in the forefront of your mind LEARNED from other strong women, or from others who taught her how NOT to be. I’m of the opinion we can ALWAYS learn and reflect and better ourselves. It’s a fluid process that should never stop.


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