Feral Colonies may flower

by Madeline Laughs
Midnight being released into her forever home.

Midnight being released into her forever home.

We still go downstairs every morning and feed Ferela and Dumbass. The last of their last litter, Tiger and Midnight, were adopted by my mother in law. She has worked with them patiently, finally taming them. Tiger will now crawl into her lap and Midnight winds around her legs for treats. Both of these feral and forgotten-about kitties are active members in her household and she doesn’t know how she ever lived without them.  

Tiger coming home from his second round of shots. He has officially lived as a domestic kitty for one year now.

Tiger coming home from his second round of shots. He has officially lived as a domestic kitty for one year now.

Being loved and adored by a cat is some kind of special. A cat chooses who they will fawn over, not the other way around.

Tiger baby!

Tiger baby!

It wasn’t long after getting Tiger and Midnight situated at my mother in law’s house that we discovered another pregnant feline had checked into our House of Wayward Feral Felines. She was chubby with babies and ravenously hungry.

She was also missing the top half of one of her ears. It was probably bitten off in a fight of some sort, but here on the beach the vet snips the tip of one ear off to signify the feral cat has been “fixed“. When we finally do trap her to be spayed we will have to have this ear notched on the side. Poor baby is going to have one mangled looking ear, but at least the dog catcher will leave her alone. They won’t  trap and euthanize a feral cat that has been spayed or neutered. The notch saves their lives.

Little Mama

Little Mama

We watched everyday for her teats to droop, signalling she had given birth to her litter. Once we realized she had them hidden some place close, we went and scouted for them.

The litter was in a small shed in our neighbors backyard and all of us watched eagerly for them to get big enough to start following her around. There had been a lot of bad weather those few weeks, so we started leaving the garage door propped open with a few bricks so the feral colony could take refuge inside during the worst of it.

One afternoon when I returned from shopping, Little Mama, our new name for her, ran by the garage door, followed by her gaggle of babies. They were so small and adorable! But instead of following Little Mama into the empty lot next door to hide in the weeds, the kittens all scooted under the open garage door, out of sight.

I walked over, removed the bricks and successfully trapped them in the garage.

Our plan was to tame them while they were still very small. To do that we were planning to set live traps outdoors until we caught them all. Then we could trap Little Mama and get her spayed. Trapping them all in the garage was just a stroke of luck!

The first weeks the kittens were in the garage, Little Mama cried for them at night. She stood in the Kitty Disco at the back door downstairs, triggering the security lights, and howled because she knew they were in there, and she couldn’t get to them. It was a heartbreaking sound.

For many weeks we put out food and water for the kittens, but we never saw them. We never heard them either. In the beginning we weren’t sure how many kittens were in the litter and we weren’t sure that we had trapped the whole litter in the garage either. We knew they were in there because the food always went missing and they were using the potty box.

They also used my potted plants as a potty box at first. But eventually they just used the potty box. I guess when the whole outdoors is your potty, it’s kind of a drag to be relegated to just one box.

We finally decided we would have to trap them in a live trap inside of the garage in order to be able to tame them successfully. Thus the story of the Feral Five was born! Stay tuned!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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13 Responses to Feral Colonies may flower

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I know this story well….
    I hope you caught their little momma….that is the hard part to read…
    Thank you for being so kind in this world of throw-aways…it is a special person that thinks outside their homes four walls…
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • Little Mama is safely tucked in the garage right now. Our plan is to trap her in there with a live trap and take her in the be spayed and treated. I worm all of the feral cats we care for and also treat them for fleas on a regular basis. The ones that come for meals everyday have all been either spayed or neutered by us as well. They have outdoor housing for rough weather and fresh water to drink. I think just feeding them, but doing nothing else, is kind of irresponsible. I treat our indoor pets well, why not treat the outdoor ones with the same concern and love?

      Thank you LadyBlueRose. That compliment means a lot to us.


  2. theveganpennypincher says:

    Keep up the great work!


  3. I love this story – thanks for your work with them!


  4. My only plan so far is publishing it here 🙂 I can’t wait to get all of the posts together and shape them into a diary for everyone to read that has followed the process so far. I can’t wait to hear what you think when you see it. Finding each post I made and copying it into the text box yesterday brought back a lot of memories.


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