Smear Campaign 101 from Pierce the Darkness

by Madeline Laughs

pierce the darkness

This comes to us from Pierce the Darkness. Link to them on Facebook to learn more about the Smear Campaign, who does this and how to recover from one.

Smear Campaigns 101.

Distortion and smear campaigns are attempts to control a target by using social manipulation and proxy recruitment to attack and discredit a targets reputation, character and credibility. These campaigns change the perception of a group rather than just an individual, as is the case in gaslighting.  

The instigator of these campaigns will often attempt to sway others into believing that they themselves are a victim or savior of others from some abuse, misdeed or other socially unacceptable practice. Through the action of ruining the targets character socially a Narcissist or Borderline hopes to gain support, reinforce their perfect self-image, divert attention, project behavior and vilify the target to gain a sense of control.

Like most emotional abuse, these vilification campaigns are incremental and progressive and utilize a mixture of both overt and undercover methods. In order to be successful the smear campaigner must be covert, know victims vulnerabilities and be able to inflict severe emotional damage by lacking empathy for the target.

Attacks frequently take the form of rumors, innuendo, misinformation, half-truths, exaggerations and outright lies. The smear campaigner is usually an accomplished seducer or seductress who can manipulate others using charm, flattery, and guile to manipulate others to do their bidding. A Narcissist or Sociopath will often create a fake intimacy by sharing secrets with proxies to lure them as recruits.

Typically they will also play off the sympathies of others using things like: “All men or all women are evil” or various “abuse” allegations to drum up and play off of other peoples desires to sympathize or do good. Saving children from abuse is a common and highly persuasive tactic that can be difficult to disprove yet easy to support. Who doesn’t want to help a defenseless child after all?

Many Narcissists are convinced in their own lies and are believed because of the passion and intensity of emotions when delivering their messages. The target of these often frightening and vicious attacks meanwhile are forced to defend their reputation rather than address any actual issue. This creates confusion and unbalance in the victim, which only serves to reinforce the message the vilification campaigner hopes to deliver to the community witnessing the campaign.

Smear campaigns are incredibly difficult to disprove or to rectify. Targets are frequently crushed under an avalanche of attack and left as social pariahs in communities they once found familiar. These attacks can be quite serious and lead to depression, police arrest and even suicide. Distortion and smear campaigns are incredibly serious and damaging in that not only do they ruin the target but also those likely to serve as a support group for the victim. For me personally this was one of the most damaging and severe forms of cruelty I had witnessed in my own experience and narcissist relationship.

Sound like anyone you know?

If so, the best defense is to Cut Off All Contact and do it NOW.


Does it sound like something you’ve experienced?

If so, then the best defense is to Cut Off All Contact and do it NOW.

Remember that your real friends won’t listen to or participate in a Smear Campaign, but the Fake Friends will. Those are the people you really don’t want in your life anyway.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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6 Responses to Smear Campaign 101 from Pierce the Darkness

  1. Disillusioned says:


    They are so cunning and so evil-minded; most people can never imagine that the hellish scenarios a psychopath successfully masterminds for his targets is humanly possible. No one listens to the victim; let alone believes him. More likely, he will be criticized, blamed, and rejected for ‘complaining’ about an individual who has gained popularity from his enduring efforts to obtain and maintain an image of high respectability. Other people can’t see the bigger picture. They feel good about themselves as they unwittingly hop onto the psychopath’s bandwagon and join forces against his victim.


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