I support the Soldier, but not the War

by Madeline Laughs


Today I am reminded of humankind and the joy of living in a society where we are free to discover our worth and to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas with our neighbors. I am also humbled and saddened by the presence of war and unrest in other parts of the world and wish to reach my arms around the planet to embrace the lonely, the orphaned and the lost.

This week I have spent some time in a military town surrounded by men and women in fatigues going about their daily lives here stateside at the market, pumping gasoline, shopping for toys. And every time One passed close enough to brush against me I could feel the thousands that are still fighting, the ones that have passed on and the ones that wait to be deployed. These soldiers are my neighbors, they are my people. 

Will the kind face that smiles at me today die so that I may live another day as free as I am at this moment?

Am I worth that price?

Are you?

As you sit down at home to eat a wonderful, warmed meal, as you watch the stars twinkle in the night sky, or the flames flicker on a candle, as you’re tucking in your children at bedtime, please say a silent prayer and send your best hopes that soon we may be at peace everywhere in the world.

It is written that vengeance is the lazy way of grief. The world stands on opposite sides of the river today and we must start finding a reason to crossover and open our arms to one another in love and acceptance. Do something today, this moment, to bring peace a little closer.

This is my one wish. Please join me in sending this vibe into the universe so that the tremor of this wish will be felt in the marrow of humankind everywhere.

I’m sending Peace to you now….can you feel it?

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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