Hiding in plain sight :)

TrollFoot 2

My friend Paula and I were chatting recently about blog trolls. I like her style and she’s a whole lot braver and much more patient than I am when it comes to blog trolls.

Blog Trolls.

It sounds so ominous I thought it should have capital letters.  

A Blog Troll is someone that visits your blog, reads your posts and then makes mean comments.

I moderate the comments made on my blog, so if there’s something I find offensive I will edit it out, or just put the comment in the bin. I figure it’s not worth my time to give someone the space on my blog if they are trolling for a fight or just want to be nasty. There’s plenty of other spots out there in cyberspace where they can find a home for their hostility and pent up rage.

I’m okay with my method because it works for me.

What I have trouble understanding is why someone would take the time and waste the effort to do something like this. What exactly are they getting out of it? Why would you bother to surf over to a blog and read it if you know you don’t agree with the person, or if you might not even like them?

old woman stalker

I know I have at least one reader that visits my blog 2 or 3 times a week. I know this person doesn’t like me one bit, but that IP address pops up in my stats on a regular basis. Every time I see it (and I have it labeled now because it shows up so often) I always wonder what in the world could this person possibly be getting out of this. Why do they waste their time? Are they interested in what I’m doing? Perhaps they like my writing? They never say anything. They never comment. So they aren’t a troll, they’re more like a lurker. But they show up like clockwork.

Here’s the moment in the blog post where I try to put myself in their shoes…

Hmmm, there’s a lot of room in here!

Big shoes!

Lots of places to hide stuff! LOL!

So here I am on a Saturday night and I’m surfing the Internet. I bet they have my blog URL saved as a favorite. That makes me kind of happy. After all, being a favorite is a good thing. I click on the link and surf over to a blog, written by someone I dislike.

What am I feeling?

I dunno…maybe I feel a little like a spy? Maybe I think that here in this small slice of Interwebs I can read the deepest thoughts of my adversary? Per-snaps it feels like reading a diary entry?


I stuck them in here just because they're cute :)

I stuck them in here just because they’re cute 🙂

I used to hide my diary in a different place every night so my grandmother couldn’t find it. I don’t know why I bothered because she found it every single time and always knew what I was up to. For years I thought she was psychic. Turns out she was just really nosy.

I’m having a difficult time in these shoes.

Can you tell?

It’s probably because this is not something I would ever do. I’m sure there are folks out there writing that I don’t like much, but I can not find a single reason to navigate the treacherous waters of the Internet just so I could check up on them. Sure, it’s all out there for the reading, especially if it’s on a blog that’s public like mine is, but it just doesn’t make much sense to me. Why would I care what they’re up to if they aren’t a part of my life? Or if I am just not interested?

If I already know that I would disagree with their point of view and that there is absolutely no way I could ever change their mind, why would I want to read what they’re writing about?

I took my question to my handy dandy Magic 8 Ball, Google.com and asked: “Why do people troll blogs?” and the links posted didn’t interest me enough to click on one. So I rephrased my question: “Why do people lurk on blogs?” and that didn’t bring forth any epiphanies either. I was thinking that lengthening the question to: “Why do people that don’t like you, lurk on your blog?” might just overload my Oracle, but I tried it anyway. It came back with a lot of links about how to get people to participate and contribute rather than lurk. Not what I was looking for either.

I guess I will remain blissfully ignorant about this phenomenon.

Here’s the thing about writing a public blog. It’s public. There are no No Trespassing signs posted. It’s out here, for better or worse. Besides who cares if they’re reading it. Let them read it! Soak it all in and hopefully something you write might change their lives in a positive way.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to figure out how I’m going to stuff this blog under my mattress for safe keeping tonight…

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17 Responses to Hiding in plain sight :)

  1. Paula says:

    You have a stalker!!! Hehe! Does the stalker always land on your home page but rarely ventures out to other pages on a single visit? Generally, a stalker just wants to know what you’re up to today. Not yesterday or tomorrow. Just today. Why? Because they are obsessed, borderline pathological when it comes to their need to know about you. Creepers!! 🙂


    • OMG!!! You described their navigation to a tee!! That’s exactly what they do. They only look at the most recent posts and sometimes not even those. They just land on the homepage and then leave.

      For a while I kept forgetting to add the More split and whole posts were on my home page. I went back and started adding them again and sure enough, they started clicking on the posts because they couldn’t read the whole post unless they did.

      Ew! Creepy!!


  2. blooper0223 says:

    I’m constantly amazed by the sheer number of haters you can find trolling the political blogs (which I have to read quite often in my job … talk about creepy), but I can kind of understand why they do it there. They just love starting fights and apparently have nothing else to do all day (which makes me wonder if the Tea Party crazies who seem to always be home might perhaps be drawing welfare ,-) … naw ,,,).
    On other blogs, it completely escapes me why someone would feel the need to lurk or troll. I haven’t had any (luckily), but I don’t have a lot of readers yet, and apparently the angry people who write letters to the paper haven’t found it yet (whew!).
    Heck, if you were close, I could send my 18-pound feline doorstop over to keep the blog safe for the night. He only bites a little … on the butt mostly ,,, yeah, creepy …


  3. LOL! YOu are the best! xoxoxoox


  4. When a person attacks you, it has little to do with you. Most often it is a symptom of what is wrong with them. It doesn’t make mean, thoughtless comments any easier to deal with, but it is the truth and in the retrospective moments of your life, you can always find solace in that fact! I for one have always been a fan of yours and think you do a wonderful job!! 🙂


    • Thank you Jonathan. Sometimes it is hard to remember that it has nothing to do with me, but it gets easier all the time 🙂 Thanks for the props too. I think you do an awesome job at your blog too!


  5. I will flip the coin and say maybe the lurkers or stalkers are jealous. . .
    because, i guess I can think of many reasons. The do not have the same gift of words as you (and I enjoy reading your blogs but very rarely respond ) I know that I could not write a blog — I write like I talk enough said. But getting off tangent here, They would like to be like you to emulate you, or maybe have no real life to speak of. . . .


  6. I have a lurker from Ontario. He or She rarely clicks on a post and he/she never comments, rather he/she lingers on my home page. I also have a Troll who is anti-animals. He refers to himself as “Killer” he makes derogatory comments to my posts so I toss him right into the trash bin. 🙂


  7. Simply Me says:

    Remember that “haters”, “Stalkers” and “Lurkers” are fueled by envy. They want to be like you, or want to have something you have, like the ability to write, confidence to put yourself out there (In public) through your blog etc etc. Either way, hate comes from love, so it’s not that they hate you, they hate who they are and love who they wish to be. I think it is a mixture of emotions and the person is generally an old friend you had a fall out with, or the (girlfriend/boyfriend) of an ex. If you have enemies, at least you know you are doing something right. 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing.


  8. And that’s why I love you! I use so much restraint in not exposing this person, but I decided to spend my time worrying more about the friendships and connections that mean the most to me and I’ll just let the trolls fall through the cracks from now on.


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