Nostalgic scents

I have a great love affair with nostalgic scents. It happens to be one of my secret obsessions. I also have a thing for perfumes that people thumb their nose at, but every time I have worn one I always hear “Wow! You smell great! What are you wearing?!”  

loves baby soft

One of my secret obsessions is with Love’s Baby Soft perfume. It was created to appeal to the teeny bopper genre and it appealed to me then and now. I just LOVE the way it smells! The great thing is that it keeps this same scent all day long, but it gets softer. I think it fits it’s name to a perfect tee. Okay,  I don’t feel like the girl in the ad when I wear it, but I do love the way it smells on me.  

One perfume I received in a sample box once years ago, really surprised me. The name alone is enough to make you cringe, but the way it smells on me must really work because any time I ever wore this scent, it drove people nuts! When I would tell them what it was, they couldn’t believe it! That scent is Lady Stetson. I know! They really should change the name of this because it carries such a stigma, but the scent itself is genius.


Another favorite was introduced to me by one of my close friends. She wore it all the time and said it was her signature scent. People always complimented her on it and I could see why. I loved sitting next to her when she had it on. When I have worn it and people hug me, they always exclaim “What are you wearing? I love it!” and when I tell them it’s Skin Musk by Coty, they just can’t believe it. They say musky scents are the ones that attract people the most and I am a fan for sure.

skin perfume

I was in the drugstore the other day and the girl at the cosmetics counter and I took a stroll down memory lane together. We spritzed and sprayed many of my favorites from years past, but one of them is something I always buy again and again and that is Toujours Moi.

I visited one of my favorite blogs called Yesterday’s Perfume, a blog for vintage perfumes, to see what they had to say about Toujours Moi. The name of the perfume translates to Forever Me or I Always. I wish I could write perfume reviews the way this blogger does, but I will never reach this height of wordsmithing. I have shared a sample of their hard work and encourage you to pay a visit yourself by clicking the name of the blog in this paragraph to read more.

“With the vanillic sensuality of Shalimar, a hint of Tabu‘s amber eroticism, and a comforting whisper of smoky tobacco that recalls Habanita, Toujours Moi (Forever Me) is a must-have for lovers of perfume in the Oriental category. It manages to be intense and subtle at the same time, like the sounds of an entire orchestra roaring along in a music hall, the strains of which can be heard faintly by a lone passerby on the street.

Notes: Orange blossom, lavender, jasmine, lilac, vetiver, musk, incense, (I don’t see rose, vanilla, sandalwood and amber listed, but surely a few of these too..?)

According to lore, composer Harry Revel caught a whiff of Toujours Moi on a beautiful woman, and when she told him what she was wearing, he decided to write musical compositions inspired by six Corday perfumes.”

Gorgeous writing about the scents that make me nostalgic. Bravo!!!

toujours moi

I was never a Windsong girl. Remember those commercials? Your Windsong stays on my mind, stays on my mind, stays on my mind…I have a friend that won’t wear anything but Charlie perfumes and I can’t stand them. I was also never a big fan of Cachet. Those commercials still make me giggle. I can bring home the bacon! Fry it up in a pan! And never let you forget you’re a man! Cause I’m a woooooman! W O M A N! LOL!!!! Cachet claimed it smelled different on everyone that used it. It never smelled good on me though.


One gem I found years ago was called Millennium by Yves Rocher, a mail order cosmetics company in Canada. They stopped making the perfume a long time ago and people have bugged them about this since. They won’t budge! I absolutely adored this perfume and had they kept making it, it would probably be the only perfume I would ever wear again for the rest of my life. It smelled that great.

One of my most favorite perfumes is Paris by Yves St. Laurent and unfortunately, it is becoming hard to find in the retail stores. I always have a bottle of this scent in my toiletry cabinet and I wear it everyday on occasion. Usually when the weather starts cooling down, I spritz this on my wrists and neck to remind me of spring. This is a heavy perfume though and doesn’t easily wash out of clothes. After a month, everything I put on still smells like Paris, and that’s just fine with me.

paris perfume

I love Sand and Sable, Poeme by Lancome, Ambre and Santal by L’Occitane and Juicy by Juicy Couture too. There is one scent that I remember from growing up that has always had my heart though and that is Chloe. Oh how I love this perfume!! It brings back so many memories for me. Even the shape of the bottle is reminiscent. I don’t buy this one often, but now and again I see it on the shelf in the department store and I can not resist it!



juicy couture

So let’s talk for a moment about my selections. I have certainly run the gamut here, from cheap dime store colognes to expensive department store brands. There is a reason I buy the perfumes I buy and that is because they smell great TO ME. If someone tells me I reek, but I enjoy it, I am not inclined to change my perfume to suit them, but I have never been told I reek. I think it’s because I learned through trial and error, which perfumes work for me, and which don’t.

I have an excellent sense of smell. I might not have too much else going on, but I KNOW when something smells good and when something doesn’t. Let me also remind you that even though a perfume might only cost $15 at the drugstore counter, it does not mean it smells bad, or that it will smell like a cheap perfume as it wears off during the day. A lot of perfumes depend largely on your own body chemistry.

Some of my greatest finds have been in the drugstore. When Sarah Jessica Parker created her signature line of perfumes, her platform was a musk perfume that she bought in the drugstore and wore for years, until they stopped making it. So the next time you visit the Walgreens or the local drugstore in your area, stop by the cosmetics counter and have a spritz or two of some of your nostalgic scents. You just might find a hidden treasure of your own.

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7 Responses to Nostalgic scents

  1. acuriousgal says:

    What a fun post!! Oh, I use to loooooove Loves Baby Soft…thanks for the trip down memory lane


  2. Great post!! I loved reading this, and it brought back some memories! I love a woman who can wear a unique scent 🙂


  3. OMG!!! Your comment was more fun than my post! I loved reading this and scents are one of my favorite things in the world. We need to spend some time discussing and spritzing next time we get together for sure!!


  4. johxha says:

    It was Enjoli, not Cachet, that had the “I can bring home the bacon” commercial. It’s on YouTube. Fun stuff. WindSong had kind of a sharp edge to me (not good) and though I liked White Shoulders, it was pretty sickeningly sweet (on me). Can’t forget Jovan Musk for Men; that’s an old classic.


    • Oh wow! You’re right! It was Enjoli (I just had to sing that in mind head to completion) I may even have to go watch the video now too. Thank you so much and I too was a Jovan Musk fan. Still am 🙂


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