Check your EGO at the door


When I worked in theater the Technical Director for the stage we used had a sign printed and hung up right where you entered backstage. It read:


It was a subtle reminder that egos and diva-ish behavior would not be tolerated on his turf. I admired that and I respected it because it meant I wouldn’t be dealing with that kind of drama there either. It reminded me to check myself too. It made things easier because we were all there to do a job and to work as a team. No one was more important, or less important, than anyone else there.  

Sometimes when people get frustrated with their own performance, their ego lashes out at someone else in an effort to steer the spotlight away from their screw up. Everyone does it, even me sometimes. I make an effort not to do that anymore because what you end up doing is chipping away at your own support foundation. When that starts to crumble…well, then you’re basically fucked.

It’s sad, but not everyone can understand what this means, or how to do it.  There are some folks that are incredibly arrogant with these deeply ingrained control issues that will never get it. They have just one bad experience and they completely trash all of the past celebrated victories and success stories by lashing out at the one person they count on to correct the situation.

Ego is a terrible thing to lead your life with.

Nobody cares if you’re a rock star. Nobody cares if you’re a great artist. Nobody cares if you have a wall of degrees and diplomas. Nobody cares if you have a million trophies. Nobody cares if you’ve beat cancer a dozen times. If you are an asshole, none of your accomplishments will even register on the radar because your ego has already stolen your thunder.

I know only a few people that practice checking their egos without intention. They go to work, they do their job and their only expectation is to have a great day and to get paid for the job they do. When things are bad, they work to make them better and when things are good, they are good for everyone. They don’t expect personal accolades and they don’t hand down undeserved criticisms just because their game is off. They take personal responsibility and are impeccable with their word.

In short, they check their ego at the door.

I know it works. I see it in action because I have watched my husband do this every single day for as long as I have known him. He shies away from being recognized for the way he chooses to conduct himself, but I see it as something we could all aspire to. 

Maybe if each of us makes a conscious effort everyday to check our own egos at the door and to work as a team, the world could be a better place, one checked ego at a time.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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  1. quirkybooks says:

    Congratulations on a great blog. I have nominated you for an award.


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