I have read so many truly great and inspiring stories in books over the years. Since I began surfing the Internet, the opportunity to read more stories of the same magnitude has been mine with the click of a button. Why then, have I wasted so much of my time online reading a lot of scary ones? Perhaps it’s time to make a change in my online reading materials?  

Whenever I am bothered by something, I like to research the topic to great lengths. The Internet has become indispensable in that respect. My friend Kim and I could spend hours picking apart a situation, trying to decipher and make sense of every detail. I don’t think we will ever have closure on some of our subjects and that’s okay too. She and I will never run out of things to discuss and marvel over. Being able to go online gives both of us immediate answers to some of life’s curious twists. I do wonder if we had to rely solely on books for our research if our conversations would be as frequent. I think they would. You can’t keep a good gal conversation from happening just because there’s not enough research.

Even with all of my new fangled electronic gadgetry, I am still a collector of books. I don’t think of books in the same way most folks do. I look upon my books as friends, and I have many. I always have a stack of newly purchased books waiting for me on my night stand too. I might not read every single night, but when I do, I read voraciously.

Early on I learned that books are to be packed in small boxes because they are quite heavy to lift when you are moving them from one place to a new home. Once we have arrived, I take my time arranging them on the bookshelves. I rearrange them occasionally when the mood strikes me too. I wanted to donate a lot of my books to my local library last year and even loudly made this declaration on Facebook, but when I started going through them, I just couldn’t part with many of them. They are too precious to me.

I will confess that every time my husband and I have moved, I get my library card right away. In fact, I will get my library card long before I get a new driver’s license.

I can sit on my sofa and peruse the bookshelves on a daily basis, and I do. I have them grouped together by subject matter. People that group their books according to the color of the binding just perplex me. How in the world can you make sense of where a book would be? Especially if you can’t recall the binding color! Then there are those nouveux decorators that like to cover all of the books to make them all the same color. I think that’s utterly ridiculous! Why even have books then?

Another thing I can do with my books, without even cracking them open to see the printed page, is think of the people I love.

I bet you’re wondering how that happens.

all my life for sale

I have an autographed copy of All My Life For Sale by John Freyer. He sold every single thing he owned on eBay once, even his old retainer. I met him one year at SXSW and was able to have a conversation with him about why he did this. I was very impressed when he asked me to tell him one thing about my work and that is how he autographed my book. When my eye catches this lovely graphic title, I think of my three friends, Kim, Tracy and Jess. They are busy raising lovely children and have perfected the use of eBay in order to make better lives for themselves and their families. It’s a very good thing.


I have several autobiographies by musicians. I love to read about their lives because I have the opinion that they lead some of the most colorful of all lives. I own biographies of Fleetwood Mac, Tori Amos, Janis Joplin, Sting, Diana Ross and so many more. When I see these books grouped on the shelf their songs dance in my head and I am reminded of the people in my life that make music whenever they can. My friends Jeff and Tess and especially Heather, who not only makes music, but makes her living teaching music too.

I have many books about and of art. Some of these are instructional and some are even from my own college days. I will never part with a single one of them. These books bring a veil of peaceful solitude down on me like a cloak when I see their titles. Just seeing them lined up and stacked together reminds me of my center and my own deep appreciation for things of beauty and the unusual. My roots planted firmly in that space enabled me to open my mind to the impossible at a young age and hopefully that part of me will always remain open until the day I pass into another realm.

Books are not just bound paper with words printed on them. They are more vibrant and alive than some people I know. Books will always be a part of my world and I will carefully pack them to travel on any journey I take.

I guess you could say that for me, books are a real page turner. 🙂

If you are a book lover like me, I applaud you for carrying on with the grand tradition of holding one of these beauties in your hands while you explore another world. If you are reading something now that you think I might enjoy, please leave me a comment, or two. I can never have too many books and my library card is ready and willing to check them out.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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3 Responses to Books

  1. I almost forgot my newest book! That one for sure reminds me of you and how I eventually won over the little man at your house 🙂


  2. My grandmother devoured books! It is the one good thing she gave me. When I was around 6 or 7 years old she enrolled me in a children’s book club. By the time I was in third grade I had read all of the children’s classic novels and could talk about them. I must confess…Little Women pissed me off so much that I put the book down and refused to finish reading it for many years. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to!


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