you’re so vain…

There is something about writing your own blog that occurs more often than you might realize. It’s something I am beginning to find out about my own blog and I find it intriguing.

I have written many posts about all kinds of subjects and all kinds of people and only a small portion have ever been directed at any one particular individual.


There are some people that actually think every post I write is either about them, or meant for them personally. Lately, it’s been about how offended they are that I have written about them.



Now that’s funny! 🙂

I wrote an entire series a while back on dating, but I’m not dating and haven’t dated  in over 20 years, unless it was Date Night with my husband. I have written posts about my friends that are artists or entrepreneurs and I have written posts for other people. I have written about experiences I have had with people and I have also written about other people’s experiences as they were told to me.

And on the rare occasion I have written about trying issues I have with people that are hellbent on bothering me. Most of those posts only stay Public a short time and then they go away, hopefully the bothersome people go with them.


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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2 Responses to you’re so vain…

  1. sedonastella says:

    Small minds think small…thanks for this post..loved it


    • Truth! I was aghast when I heard that tale. To think someone wishes I would carry them in my head on a daily basis AND write about it, is truly insanity on their part. I guess that’s why they call them narcissists. 🙂


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