Winning the One Lovely Blog Award!!


I would like to thank Quirky Books, read the difference for awarding Madeline Scribes with the One Lovely Blog Award. It is an honor, but most of all this is validation that I can indeed write something lovely that folks want to read about. Thank you Sandra for coming by to visit me over here and for taking the time to soak up the words I bang out on my keyboard. You are an inspiration to everyone that writes!!

Now I have some awards to present myself, so here goes!  


1. I need to thank the person who nominated me. check!

2. Share 7 things about myself that you still may not know. check!

3. Nominate 15 bloggers. check!

4. Notify the nominees that I have done so. check!

5. Put the logo of the award on my blog site. check!

7 Things about me:

  1. I love to organize things from drawers and closets to parties and events.
  2. I wrote a grant for an art installation at Burning Man.
  3. The satellite picture of the playa that year showed that our art installation had the biggest footprint .
  4. My draft folder is always full of drafts just waiting to be finished up and published.
  5. My husband and I care for a feral cat community that is one dozen cats large now.
  6. I love doing laundry! From picking the detergent to folding the clothes neatly and putting them away. I love the whole process.
  7. I love to hunt for seashells.

My nominations:
















I hope that you will take some time and visit each of my blog selections because they are truly lovely ones and some of my favorites. Congratulations to them all and may loveliness envelope each and every one of your days!!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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29 Responses to Winning the One Lovely Blog Award!!

  1. Paula says:

    You’ve got skills, Baby!! Hehe! Thank you for nominating me. ❤


  2. Hi Madeline! I wanted to say thank you for the nomination. However, the blog you linked to is no longer my primary blog anymore. I’ve left it up because it I have a lot of things that I am proud of on it, but wanted a fresh start at


  3. cindy knoke says:

    You rock!! Thank you so much! Much appreciated and congrats on your awards! You deserve them all!


  4. Wow! Good for you! 🙂


  5. quirkybooks says:

    Thanks Madeline for saying I am an inspiration, your words touched my heart. I have never heard of someone saying they ‘love doing laundry’. I don’t like doing any housework. I only iron when I need to. The washing up gets left in a pile whilst I focus on my writing and then I do it in one big hit.


    • Thank you too 🙂 If you lived closer I might be inclined to come by and do your laundry just so you can keep on writing!


      • quirkybooks says:

        That is so sweet of you Madeline. Your words have touched my heart. Thanking so much for thinking of me.


      • I think you’re awesome! 🙂


      • quirkybooks says:

        Thanks Madeline. Your kind words touch my heart and make me smile.


      • How’s the new book coming along?


      • quirkybooks says:

        Hi Madeline, thanks for asking. My Break through the barriers of redundancy book has been taking a lot of my time up. I am behind with blog comments at the moment. In principal, I finished the book a few days ago, but because I have added a ton of new content to it, I have to go through it again to check the spelling and grammar. I have had a lot of interest from people wanting to buy it. I went to two networking events in Bristol last week and the evening event went very well. Lots of business owners were telling me about their own redundancy stories, and I had that in common with many of them. I am trying to deal with the backlog of emails, website posts, amendments and blog posts, plus my admin/accounts before starting to go through my book again. I am so much happier with my book now that I have added the new content and condense some of the other content/remove irrelevant stuff or changed things that were badly worded. It is 10 times better.


      • I am always behind on my blog comments, so I totally get that. I always pray that no one will be offended when I don’t answer quickly.

        Congrats on getting the book finished. I am thinking about pursuing my dream to publish a book this year too. I’ll keep you posted.


      • quirkybooks says:

        Thanks Madeline. Yes, definitely go for it, write your book. My book is still not 100% finished until I do the last of the final amendments, re-index and paginate it, then upload it, but yes, in essence it is finished. Uploading it will be a challenge.


      • How is the book coming along today? So looking forward to reading about all of your successes!! 🙂


      • quirkybooks says:

        Hi Madeline, thanks for asking. I am reformatting my Break through the barriers of redundancy book in a CreateSpace interior template. I managed to track down my English teacher from college years ago. She does editing. She has scanned through the book manuscript and says it is interesting, well thought out and she agrees that there are not many like it. This is fantastic news. Especially as she can be very critical. I have a few small amendments to make and I also have to re-index and re-paginate it throughout. Page by page.

        I had my Grandma’s funeral last week and I was in London for 3 days so I am still catching up on my social media and blog comments.

        I also have to create a new site for, that the book advertises on its cover, because my host no longer services the site builder that I built it on and I can’t update it.


      • quirkybooks says:

        Bless you. I am beaming with a smile from ear to ear.


  6. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat says:

    Thanks Madeline!


  7. Reblogged this on An Upturned Soul and commented:
    I would like to thank the very lovely and brave Madeline Scribes for nominating my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.

    I love blog award nominations because they are a wonderful way of receiving encouragement – blogging is one of those things you do for yourself first, as you power your blog, but then when what you do touches others it gives you the sort of feedback which is priceless and celebrates who you are just as you are and who others are as they are – and it is also a great way to encourage others – the blogging world is a community and when we support each other we support ourselves.

    I love Madeline Scribes’ blog and her writing is beautiful, full of courage and the fire of a truly inspiring soul.

    Please check her blog out if you have time and if you haven’t already, and please check out the blogs of her nominees.

    I will get around to passing the award on… it may take me a while, but I eventually do what I say I will… eventually (you said that already).

    Thank you!


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