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vapor shack

I have been vaping for about 18 months now and have only smoked a few cigarettes since I started vaping. I have had a lot of my friends that are active smokers ask me about it. How does it work? How much does it cost? But mainly, is it enough to make you stop wanting to smoke a cigarette?

You see, that’s the problem with many of the smoking cessation programs. They are never good enough to make you not want that cigarette.  

The one huge difference I noticed was that when I tried to stop smoking cigarettes using the nicotine gum or the patches and would fall off the nicotine wagon and have a cigarette, is that cigarette was the best tasting one I had ever smoked in my life. Therefore, going back to smoking was essential, in my opinion. It’s been different now that I vape though. Those few cigarettes I smoked tasted like crap. They stunk, made my head hurt and chest wheeze and left an awful taste behind too. Yuck!

So vaping has been good to me.

There have been some pitfalls along the vaping highway though.

I first got the idea to vape from an ad in a magazine and I ordered the kit they advertised. It came with one battery, a charger and a bunch of cartridges of nicotine. These were the ones that looked just like a regular cigarette, same size, color and everything. The problem was when the one battery they sent to me in the kit, was charging. It took three hours for it to charge up and in that three hours I would want a cigarette.

I thought I could remedy that by buying many batteries. That way I’d always have one charged. This worked until I started traveling for work and couldn’t find replacement cartridges. I could order them online, but this was a pain in the butt and inconvenient. There were shipments I would receive at the moment of desperation and they sent me blank cartridges by mistake, or one of the batteries wouldn’t hold a charge. It was always something and almost bad enough to make me just give up and go back to smoking cigarettes.

On one trip I bought three different brands of electronic  cigs and was not satisfied with a single one of them. Most of them didn’t have much of a throat hit, or tasted weird and I was unhappy with the lack of satisfaction I was getting. Vaping wasn’t working for me anymore.


Then the new vapor supplies store opened on the beach road!

Can I just start this by saying they are life savers!!

The day I walked in there I had brought all of my plebian vaping materials. She asked me if I was a beginner and I proudly told her that I had been vaping for a long time. Then I dumped my stuff on the counter and she smiled “I see. How about we get you started on something a little better than this?”

She spent some quality time with me that day. I sampled many of the flavors they mix themselves ion the premises and found some I actually enjoyed. My favorite is Butter Rum! We discussed how many cigarettes I used to smoke to determine how much nicotine I required and we even discussed eventually cutting down.


Then she showed me my new vaping system.

It is divine!!!!

ego cig

The battery charge lasts for about 9 hours before it requires recharging. The cartridges are refillable and the cute case carries everything together so you are never looking for anything because it’s all right there. The tanks that came with my kit are disposable, but since my purchase the store has acquired tanks that you only need to replace the wicks. So now even the tanks are reusable.

I also like the idea that they mix all of their own juice. You know exactly what’s in it! I was ordering liquid online and some of it was made in China. I guess you kind of know where that line of thought is going, considering how many other products they just add crap to. They have a large assortment of flavors to choose from and are always coming up with something new, so it’s never boring.

If you smoke cigarettes and want to try vaping instead, I highly recommend it. Some people want to complain that it’s still bad for you, but these days, what isn’t? Vaping is better than smoking. Way better! In fact, I vape less and less often now and I would never have been able to do that with cigarettes. When you smoke cigarettes, you will always smoke more and more. Your habit increases. With vaping you can wean yourself off of nicotine and not go crazy doing it, or you can just vape instead of smoking.

Not everyone has the same experiences, so I expect there are folks out there that have a different story.

All I can share with you is my own story.

If you live on the Outer Banks and would like to visit my favorite vapor supply store, you can find them here:

map location

710 S Virginia Dare Trail Unit 5

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina 27948

(252) 715-3793

They are in the process of a name change 🙂

To answer your questions…how does it work? It’s pretty simple. I press the button and I vape. How much does it cost? My kit costs about $110 and included 2 liquids and everything you see in the picture. But mainly, does it keep you from wanting to smoke a cigarette? Most definitely, YES, it does.

Recently one of my friends was lighting a cigarette and offered me one. My husband piped up and proudly told him “She doesn’t smoke!” and he smiled.

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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to so I’m vaping

  1. Congrats to you! Thanks for giving us the info on vaping…I never knew anyone who did it! 🙂 Glad it works for you!


    • Tess Whitehurst says:

      I’m only about 7 days in and for someone who is/was a VERY heavy smoker this seems to be working! I have not quit regular cigarettes yet but am down to about 10 a day with a vape, which is astounding from the 50 or 60 I was doing. Being freed up to vape in public or even in my living room has been wonderful. Tony Brittan (local) has a facebook and YouTube site Vapor Trail Channel where he talks about equipment and juices, you should check it out!


      • I”m glad it’s helping you to cut down as quitting smoking is very hard to do. I quit almost 20 years ago and it was very difficult for me so I understand how you feel. Vaping wasn’t even a though back then, but I’m glad you have it to help you now. Good for you! 🙂


  2. Linda says:

    That’s great news! The worst thing in cigarettes isn’t the nicotine, anyway, it’s all the added crap, and the tar, so this is a much better way to get your nicotine fix. Glad to hear that you like it. I want to give it a go too!


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