Above the law


What is this world coming to?

I see things these days and hear stories and all I can do is shake my head in utter disbelief. Too many people think they are just about the law. They don’t think they have to answer to or obey anyone. Even the common law of decency is ignored. Do these people have no shame about how they behave?  

I’m not certain if I can pin this new mentality on information coming at us at the speed of light due to the Internet, or if this is some kind of evolutionary response to a total lack of moral fiber or filters. These days it seems like if you feel like punching a guy in the throat and killing him, you just do and either suffer the consequences, or hope you don’t get caught. If you feel like libelling someone, you just do it. Seriously, what can they do to stop you except hire a lawyer and go to great expense that culminates in a restraining order, at best. Big deal! If you feel like taking a gun to the mall and shooting a bunch of strangers, you just do it. Then everyone can sit around and ruminate about whether or not this was your parent’s fault because they raised you wrong.

A lack of monitoring one’s own behavior has become too commonplace and way too accepted and/or ignored by the general public.

So many people in the world today invite trouble into their lives by sitting around and plotting the demise of another human being, simply because they exist. A good friend taught me that to plot evil against another without provocation, is to give away a small piece of yourself to evil as well.

You are not a hero when your plan destroys a person that has caused you absolutely no harm.

You are not a hero.

You are not above the law.

You are the reason laws exist.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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7 Responses to Above the law

  1. Paula says:

    These types of people hate themselves and hate life, have zero self-respect or respect for human-kind (I’ve known some who hide behind rescuing and saving stray animals so how they treat humans is overlooked) and simply like getting away with despicable behavior. Their despicable behavior energizes them. Very sad. 😦


    • Reading the part about saving animals gave me gooseflesh. I once took care of a person’s animals while they were out of town working. One of the dogs had brain cancer and had received horrifying and disfiguring radiation treatments and was barely existing. The poor thing could barely get around and I felt so sad for her. It was already past the stage of being saved. I could not imagine allowing an animal to suffer so much pain and sheer indignity, simply because she didn’t want to do the right thing and give the dog up.

      This person eventually turned out to be one of the people that has repeatedly tried to hurt me, simply because I stopped talking to her. I guess she will continue to keep me “alive” until the day the ghost of my friendship no longer serves her as a punching bag.


  2. I’m being a law unto myself with this comment as it’s off topic, but I never know where to put these sort of things – I’ve nominated you for a blog award – http://anupturnedsoul.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/awesome-blog-content-award-nominations-strike-the-bell/


  3. I love your comments!!! I think you should blog with me triple W 🙂


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