“hey, can you show me her Facebook page?”

I know a lot of assholes

I posted this update on Facebook and it blew up with comments. It seems I’m not the only person that thinks this has become a widespread problem and malicious pastime for some folks.   

The sharing of what other people post with folks that either don’t have a Facebook account, or are not friends with the person on Facebook, but have malicious intent, has got to be stopped. Most people don’t see the harm in it, but if the person wanted their stuff shared, then they would either show the person themselves, or make their posts Public.

There’s a reason for Privacy features.

Facebook Etiquette Rule #6837

What should you do if someone asks you to show them one of your mutual friend’s Facebook page? You don’t do it and here’s why.

People that ask to see other people’s Facebook pages usually have an agenda and it’s not a good one. If they have to ask, then it’s about something they don’t know or weren’t told about.

(if someone comes to you and shows you something because they think it’s important, that’s entirely different)

So what can you say when they ask?

If the person doesn’t have a Facebook account, you can always suggest they open an account and make friends with the person they’re asking about. If they persist that you show them stuff, simply tell them that you aren’t friends on Facebook, or that the person’s page is locked down and private and you can’t see anything they post.

If the person has a Facebook account and asks you to show them something…well, I’ll give you three tries to guess correctly why they can’t see the person and what they’re doing on Facebook. You can always tell this person you aren’t friends with the other person to avoid that sticky situation of saying what you’re really thinking…which is that they are a nosy fucker.

Whatever you do, don’t betray your other friend’s privacy.

They’ll thank you for that, trust me.

This post is dedicated to Quiche Lorraine, who thinks everyone is spying on her Facebook page and conspiring against her. Methinks she doth protest way too much!! For starters, you really aren’t that interesting and certainly not enough to make anyone, in their right mind, spy on your Facebook page. (okay, that was mean…shame on me) Secondly, if even half of the dozen friends on your Facebook friend list knew how often you opened their page up, shared their posts with strangers and made fun of them, they’d delete you anyway. My advice to you is to find another way to express yourself and definitely consider seeking professional counseling. The only person doing any spying and conspiring seems to be YOU! 🙂

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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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2 Responses to “hey, can you show me her Facebook page?”

  1. francis crow says:

    If you want more privacy. Try this: don’t voluntarily share with the world a diary of your life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for stopping by Francis. I checked out your website. Nice and to the point! 🙂

      Just to be clear here…I am not interested in privacy when it comes to what I post on my blog. This is me, exercising my right to freedom of expression and no one is obligated to read a word of it. I don’t like it when someone lurks and stalks the blog using Anonymous Proxies and subterfuge. I think that’s malicious intent and it has no place here.

      When someone strives to protect their privacy on a social network and others broach those boundaries, I think it needs to be addressed. Even if someone likes to post about their daily activities or post pictures of their vacations…it should be okay to do that without worrying. After all, the people you friend on Facebook are supposed to be friendly.


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