why something fails


Have you ever wondered why some events continue to make it year after year, and some events just totally disappear? The same is true with clubs, businesses, websites and even friendships. Some can stand the test of time, while others just fall flat on their face and die.  

It’s not about the event, or the business or the act of friendship. When something fails, it’s about people and their over inflated sense of entitlement. When the select few start to feel like they “own” the idea that brings everyone to the table, the glue that holds the event together will slowly start to melt away.

No one wants to attend or participate in a group activity of any kind, money making or not, when in the presence of an overbearing elitist and his posse. 

Especially when the elitist falls down on the job and stops honoring his commitments.

It would be nice if the person bowed out gracefully, but sometimes the person is just a embittered psycho. When something is dying, at least pretend to be honorable. If it’s being replaced by something newer and better, try to be humble and magnanimous, instead of the egomaniac that got you ousted.

Your attitude about the demise is just as important to people as your event used to be.

For fuck’s sake, you can not complain about the shrinking of your industry or popularity, while you’re smearing other people for moving onto something new, that is better. If you want to know why your industry, your trademark, your stature is shrinking, look no further than your bathroom mirror. It’s shrinking because of people just like you.

No one wants to be around a drama queen with entitlement issues and if that’s what being in your club is all about, then don’t expect people to flock to your club anymore. 

That my friends, is why something fails.

Like I have said before, when it becomes more about the man and less about the community, then it is no longer about the community at all.

By the way….it doesn’t take a mastermind to gaslight someone. All it takes is a very good liar and a total lack of empathy 🙂 I know at least one person that has definitely masterminded both.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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