You have a choice



Now that I have your attention. 

Pay no mind to the people that sit around and scoff at your happiness. They are simply envious that it takes you such little effort to be gleeful. The few seconds of effort it takes you to smile, might take them years. You can share one of yours with them, or you can do what I do.

Flip them the bird and dance on 🙂  

You have a choice.

I think that sometimes people place way too much importance on matters that are not a matter of life and death. In the process,they alienate others that do hold importance in all of our lives. 

To the ones that are staying positive, I say Rock On! 🙂 You are the only glue holding the Universe together.

You have a choice.


Recently one of my “friends” tried to humiliate me because I was celebrating a new litter of feral kittens. Yes, I have tried to trap the female mama cat and failed, but am I supposed to be angry about kittens? Or am I allowed to celebrate the birth of innocent creatures that I take full responsibility for? Am I not allowed to celebrate without the pallor cast by a disgruntled and hateful “friend”?

I’m not here to be scolded. Or schooled. Or humiliated. I am a grown woman and I will take you to task if you try.

You have a choice.


Here’s the deal with Facebook. You have a scroll button and the option, and I am assuming the maturity, to scroll on by the stuff you either don’t approve of, like or agree with.

When and if you find you can no longer exercise this given right of looking away and moving on without ridiculing or attempting to humiliate someone just because they are doing something you don’t like, then do them and yourself a great big favor and delete them without the drama of a showdown.

I see stuff daily that I do not agree with and if I comment, I do so with respect and humility because I am not always right. But I am always fair. Not everyone is going to agree with you, but there is absolutely no need to cause drama on Facebook.

You have a choice.

So many people these days think nothing of throwing someone under the bus. People just out for themselves, or drowning in jealousy of their neighbor’s good fortune. It’s getting harder and harder everyday to continue surrounding myself with love.

Good people are rare.

You have a choice.


“OMG! I said some shitty stuff to her and she blocked/deleted/ignored me!!!”

the cry of trolls everywhere across the Interwebs 🙂

You have a choice.

Letting go of toxic people means simply being able to express your thoughts without fear of repercussion and ridicule. For it is the fake friends that always wish to bring you down and make you feel shame. Real friends lift you up and make you laugh. Real friends make you think, consider and give pause, rather than putting you on the defensive.

For years I walked on eggshells and tried not to offend. When all I really had to do was realize what a friend is, and what one isn’t.

You have a choice, whether you know it now, or not.

You can choose to be happy, free and joyous in your friendships. Or you can tiptoe around the ones that continue to stomp all over you.

You have a choice.

Exercise your right to choose every single day you are alive.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to You have a choice

  1. So, so strange to read this. A lot of parallels in my life right now, almost as though you wrote it for me.
    I also have a post that’s been sitting in the queue collecting dust and it’s about this exact topic: choice.
    Well done, written, expressed.
    I was about to OD on the same old fake BS and this delivered what I needed to read.
    Thank you ~ Andrea<3


  2. Joel F says:

    Beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

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