Making a plan for when shit hits the Fan

disaster planning

I love to make plans!!

Not all plans are going to be enjoyable though. Not everything you plan for is going to be a party. There are life events we must all plan for that leave a bad taste behind. You almost don’t want to think about them because thinking about them, or talking about them, or even making a plan for them, makes them real. It gives that shitty event some power, and who wants to do that, right?  

But planning ahead can save you a world of grief, as well as the loved ones that are also part of the picture. So making a plan for when the shit hits the fan is always a good idea.

Things that need a plan aren’t always about death. Sometimes they’re about natural disasters, like earthquakes or hurricanes. Do you have a plan in place that is understood by every household member, should a natural disaster take place?

We live in Hurricane Alley and we know exactly what to do and the timely method for execution, should a hurricane come our way. A great place to start making these kinds of plans are on the websites already in place for events like these.

Make a Plan

Sit down today and ask yourself those tough questions. Do you have a plan that works for you and everyone you love, when it comes to events that are going to happen in the future? Do they know your wishes if you should die? Do you know theirs? Where do you want you and your family to be five years from now? Are you ready if a natural disaster hits?

Stay safe out there folks and be well. ❤


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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